We often see this term defragmentation. Let’s see, what is Disk Defragmentation?

When you buy a new PC then data stored in it is in a pattern. But as you start modifying your data by using copy paste or deleting files and folders from the drive,  then these data gets randomly arranged that can be a problem to you system, because your OS will take more time to find the desired data from the randomly arranged data.

Here comes the need of Disk Defragmentation. Yes, this is used to arrange your randomly stored data in a regular way, so that OS takes no time when it needs to access the data.

As a user many people don’t know how to make use of such tool. If you are using Windows OS then Windows OS comes with a set of   administrative tools. In this tool one tool is Disk Defragmenter that analyzes you selected drive and helps you out with the defrag process.
To know more about Disk Defragmenter you can visit a tutorial here.

You even call this utility just by typing Disk Defragmenter in Start menu.
You might have seen in the video that this utility also offers you to schedule the defragging process that will surely increase your PC performance.

But I will not suggest anyone using this utility, reason is:

  • You need to analyze the drive from time to time thus time consuming task.
  • If you schedule the task for defragging the drives then it will utilize your system resources, whenever the scheduler tasks starts. This will affect your PC performance.

Why not trying any software program for this task? Using software will give you the control over the defragging mechanism and will utilize only some resources for a particular time. You can easily get them on the internet. This seems to a bit time consuming. Well, I can assist you regarding such software.

Remo MORE, use this software for your disk defragmentation. It has various categories for various operations. Under “Manage” category of this software resides a module named as Drive Defrag. This module performs the task of defragging your hard disk. The main part of this software is, its auto schedule is on the click. Just a click on auto schedule will automatically schedules the defrag process when the system is idle.

Its features over the other software and Windows utility can be seen as:

  • It analyzes and shows you how the data is located on your drive.
  • It shows detail about the drive by locating system locked files, fragmented data, contiguous data and free space.
  • Utilizes little system resources while performing the defragging task.
  • Allows option to skip large files or select particular file types to be defragmented or defragging full hard drive.
  • Provides a graphical way of showing the data as it is stored in the hard disk.

So use this easy solution and recommend others too.