Why to protect files through password?
Well, if you are the only user of your system then protecting your files through password may seem awkward.

But if you are not the only user then?
Windows allows you to create multiple users for a single system and all the users are treated different to your machine. But the hard drive that is in your system will store data related to all the users. So the need of password protection arises here.

I am listing some cases where you may find that protecting files through password is quite worthy.

  • Internet banking details on your system needs to be protected.
  • Confidential files and folders that meant to particular user needs to be password protected.
  • Photos, videos that are related to you should not be viewed by all other users.

And other normal life situations.

To overcome all these situation I am listing some solution that are available with you.

  • Windows OS has an option to hide files and folders. You or any other user on your system can hide files and folders.
  • Windows OS provides Bit Locker that password protects particular drive or partition.
  • Microsoft Office suite offers its users to protect its documents files using password. This facility is available to all users that use your system.

Short tutorial is shown here to password protect your Office files.

Using all above listed solutions one can protect its files and folders. But limitations are there for this way of protecting too.
Here they are:

  • If you are using Office suite then you can protect only Office related files. Other files or folders cannot be protected.
  • If you are hiding corresponding file or folder then it can be viewed easily by disabling this option from Windows explorer. So, if you have hidden some data or file then other user can view it with no effort.
  • Windows Bit Locker is also having limitations. If you are password protecting your drive or partition using Bit Locker then protected drive can be used by you only, other users cannot have access to that drive i.e. It does not support multiuser access.

So, if you want to protect your files then you must not depend on Office suite or Bit Locker of Windows OS. Better option is to use some third party software.
You can search online for such software that offers password protection for your confidential files. Instead you search for the software online, let me help you out with this.

Make use of Remo MORE, a free software with attractive and user friendly interface. It has a module called File Manager which has another sub module called File Protector that protects your files and folders.
File Protector module comes with two options to protect your files.

  • One is Private Locker, using which you can lock and hides the files or folders that seem confidential to you.
  • Second is File/Folder Locker, which locks the files or folders through a password so that no other user can access. But the files/folders will be visible to other users.

A question might strike in your mind that why I am suggesting you this particular software?
Just go through the features you will find the answer.

  • No need to make use of Windows or Office to lock files.
  • Files locked by MORE software are under one password. So, no need to remember passwords for each file and folder.
  • Manage the files using this software is easy. Because all files that are locked are kept under one password and at one place.
  • Can lock all types of files and folders including videos, photos etc.
  • If locked through ‘Private Locker’ then that file or folder cannot be seen by other users.

Well, I think you might have got your answer.