When your hard drive is full of junk or unwanted files, its performance becomes slow. When you encounter a big problem in each and every operation, then the speed of the system gets drastically degraded. Thus, it consumes much time to launch an app. The reasons for this problem are your PC is storing plenty of data which is taking up free space. These junk files include unwanted files and folders, shortcuts, data files, internet temporary files, browser history, etc. These files slowly consume free space on your computer and slow down its speed. Another major issue with these files is, sometimes these files hide or unintentionally erase crucial files stored on PC hard drive which can make your system behave slowly.

The hard disk of PC is cluttered with superfluous data over time and loses its speed gradually without your knowledge. You come to know about it when the computer becomes very slow and hard disks are filled with large amount of unwanted files. Some apps may not run easily and it will consume much time to find any file in your system hard disk. To speed up your system, regularly delete junk files. It is a boring process and needs more time. For this purpose, you need a genuine third party app called Remo More tool.

It is possible to delete junk files from hard disk manually and it is helpful in various ways. First of all, huge numbers of files take large amount of memory space on drive. As the hard disk contains limited space on drive, it may be filled with junk data after prolonged use of computer. Thus, your system loses its speed and to get its speed back you have to erase junk files. For performing these steps, you have to execute some simple methods. For Windows users, simply click on Windows icon and go to Control panel, then go to ‘System and Security’ option from here. Later, go to Administrative tools and click on ‘Free up Disk Space’. It will open a disk clean up window in which you have to choose the proper drive and click on OK. After completion of drive scanning, it shows list of file that can be free. Just Click on OK to complete the task.

Hard drive on computer may also contain junk files after browsing internet. When you browse internet with various browsers, so many info are store on your PC. Each browser stores all history of the sites you have visited, keeps record of download history, cache, cookies and other info. Size of all this info increases gradually and get stored on hard disk in the form of junk file. If it occupies main part of drive space, performance of the PC is affected. In addition to that, when you open any app or document, some temporary files generated automatically and they get collected in the drive. After some time, thousands of files are created and ends up with slow computer. To get this speed back, you should remove junk files from hard drive, external hard drive, memory cards, USB drives, FireWire drives, etc. by using this software.

This tool can clear all junk files from your Mac based computer in less duration of time. It scans your PC and shows junk files which need to erase in couple of minutes. Thus, it removes temporary files, browser history, program activities, log files, cookies, documents, history, uninstall unnecessary apps from popular browsers like Safari, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Use this highly praised tool to delete Recycle bin data to avoid slow speed of computer. It can be run on Android, Mac and Windows OS of all versions.