Duplicate files sorting out problem is one of the major headaches faced by users now a day. Many of the Windows and Mac users are suffering from this kind of problems regularly. Particularly people regularly working with lot of documents faces the duplicate files kinds of issues. Text file format is one of the major file format used commonly by all the users in many operating systems used now a day. Many document specialist and writers who use their PC for this purpose have registered a lot of complaints regarding getting rid of duplicate text files. This problem may look simple on just gazing, when we get deep inside the documentation process or working with tons of text files that owes a large amount of unwanted junk text files will be horrible.

Now it’s the right time to know something about delete duplicate files in the most popularly used operating system such as the Windows and Mac. In real time the text file formats can be spitted into a few set of branches that comes with various file extensions such as RTF file format. To delete duplicate text files in Windows and Mac operating systems we need a highly geeky knowledge for this process. The text files can be duplicated on several bases such as file name or label, size, content etc. Using the right criteria and sorting out the right form of duplicate text files from the messy drives and folders it’s really hard. So it is highly preferable to use well deserved duplicate file finder software that can easily list out and duplicate text files using its major sort out criterias.

Remo MORE is one of the well deserved applications that can easily list all the duplicate text files from any folders, drives, partitions, volumes etc. using its extreme flexible mechanism it can be proved that all the duplicate text files with in the selected criteria can be deleted either temporarily or permanently. This legitimate software has secured a permanent place in the user’s heart within a short period of time. Moreover it gives the user the maximum level of sophistication to delete duplicate text files in PC. It has a higher level of user interface which makes the user to understand easily what they are up to and how to work with Remo MORE application for deleting text files within minutes. To be successful certain steps need to be followed. These steps will finally take any user to a successful duplicate text file deletion. They are.

  • All you need to do is just install the Remo MORE application in your Windows or Mac PC
  • After successful installation choose the “Optimize” button on the main screen
  • Hit the option “Find duplicate folder
  • Add the folders that need to be traced for a particular text file
  • Select the file format as text from the next upcoming Window and click “Scan” option
  • After the successful scanning process all the duplicate text files will be listed along with temporary and permanent deletion options
  • Choose either temporary or permanent deletion of those selected text files

Now all the duplicate text files will be deleted and success will be displayed in message pop up.