One of the most interesting facts about the Mac trash facility is that if you delete a file from any of your drives or folder location in the sense only the file index will be moved from the actual location to the trash program. In real the actual data which is located in the core of memory in the form of zeros and ones. These files and data will be deleted only if the hard drive is shredded or defragmented. You may ask a question what happens if we delete the files from trash in Mac. The same thing repeats here as well only the icons in the trash location will be deleted the real actual data will still remain in the original location in inactive mode. Many problems may arise if those files are recovered and passed to any misbehavers

Consider that you are working highly confidential office files and after completion you are destroying it thinking that the deleted files should not be revealed any more. After a few days you are lending the PC or selling a PC to An anonymous person. He makes use of recovery software and restores all the trash files. There your confidentiality is broken and torn into pieces. The only way to permanently delete trash on Mac operating system is by shredding or defragmenting the trash program. Unfortunately this process cannot be done manually. This is because the actual data source and memory will be in zeros and ones format. Tracking the data code in the middle of trillions of binary values manually is a tough job. Let’s leave the headache to software.

Remo MORE is one of the trashes clearing application that clears everything permanently from Mac trash utility. This application completely wipes out everything in the trash of Mac operating system and replaces with junk values. The junk values are filled up in the trash because simply deleting the zeros and ones in the memory is alone not enough to secure the data. Highly paid recovery software easily pulls out these kinds of files from deleted trash programs. So it is necessary to replace the old values with junk data to confuse the recovery software. For this purposed Remo MORE application provides three different wiping standards. Apart from these there are several advantages as well.  They are as follows

  • Available at a free of cost
  • Can be installed and used in any Mac operating system versions including the Mavericks
  • Supports both Intel and power PC environments
  • The application is digitally signed and free from all vulnerable issues
  • Provides maximum level security at free of cost

Installation and usage of this Remo MORE application is simple and sleek as well. Just by following the simple steps provided here anyone can permanently delete trash on Mac operating system.

  • Install the application in any of your Mac PC
  • Go to the trash location and right click on it
  • Select “Remo MORE – file eraser
  • Select “Erase Trash files” and confirm the trash permanent deletion

That’s it. All the trash files will be deleted permanently and make sure before permanent deletion because once the trash is deleted it cannot be recovered at any cost.