Best solution to Optimize Internet Speed for Games

Nowadays, internet is not used just for browsing or searching for information, it can be used for many more purposes like for building social network, sharing information via mails and pothers.  One of the other the best advantages of internet are gaming. In recent days, numerous online games are available, wherein you can play games via online without having to download them. However, if you want to enjoy the complete gaming experience over internet, your internet connection speed should be ultimate. Slower internet for games would be most frustrating situation.

Imagine that you are playing your favorite game online and are the highest scorer. In such a situation what if your game stops responding or stops loading suddenly at the midst. How would you feel?? That’s a very frustrating situation for any gamer. So, one has to make sure your internet connection has been optimized. But how to optimize internet speed for games? Don’t, here is a perfect solution for your internet gaming issue, just read here…

Optimizing your network for gaming is not as simple as home networking task, but the results worth the effort. Serious gamers are always looking for ways to reduce lag and increase their chances of hosting games and thus increasing their overall performance. Here’s how to make some network improvements to optimize gaming.

  • Decrease the default reserved bandwidth that is reserved for your device
  • Increase the hard drive space by clearing all unwanted data
  • Clear all your browser junk data like cache data, cookies, browser history and many more
  • Remove all the unused programs and terminate the background programs

By performing these tips regularly you can easily increase your internet speed. But regular execution of these steps would be a time consuming process and hence you will need an instant solution for this. Remo MORE is a one such solution that could boost your internet speed.

Features of Remo MORE

Remo MORE is a perfect tool that could efficiently fix all internet issues and optimize your internet speed for games. The tool is capable enough to clear all unwanted browser junk and the unused apps that require system resources. It requires just few steps to reset and enhance your internet speed for games, thus you could view instant results as soon as the installation is done.

  • Enhances your internet gaming speed with few simple steps
  • Incorporated with the well-designed and a highly intuitive user interface to simplify the entire process
  • Easy-to-use tool which offers comfortable process even for the novice users
  • The tool is available free of cost

Procedure to use Remo MORE

Remo MORE is an excellent tool that requires just simple steps and few user inputs in the entire process optimization to improve the internet speed for gaming. Below are the steps involved in using Remo MORE app:

  • Download and install Remo MORE software on your computer or any other device like tablets or Smartphones
  • After launching the software select “Enhance” option from the home screen
  • From the consecutive screen just select “Internet Speed Enhancer” option to improve internet speed for games
  • You will now get two options from which just select the “Optimize Speed” option
  • Then you can directly select the network on which you are working and optimize it

Now, the software starts optimizing your internet settings and displays a message stating successful optimization process. You can now check the gaming speed, you will find a huge difference in its speed.

Delete Duplicate Text Files

Duplicate files sorting out problem is one of the major headaches faced by users now a day. Many of the Windows and Mac users are suffering from this kind of problems regularly. Particularly people regularly working with lot of documents faces the duplicate files kinds of issues. Text file format is one of the major file format used commonly by all the users in many operating systems used now a day. Many document specialist and writers who use their PC for this purpose have registered a lot of complaints regarding getting rid of duplicate text files. This problem may look simple on just gazing, when we get deep inside the documentation process or working with tons of text files that owes a large amount of unwanted junk text files will be horrible.

Now it’s the right time to know something about delete duplicate files in the most popularly used operating system such as the Windows and Mac. In real time the text file formats can be spitted into a few set of branches that comes with various file extensions such as RTF file format. To delete duplicate text files in Windows and Mac operating systems we need a highly geeky knowledge for this process. The text files can be duplicated on several bases such as file name or label, size, content etc. Using the right criteria and sorting out the right form of duplicate text files from the messy drives and folders it’s really hard. So it is highly preferable to use well deserved duplicate file finder software that can easily list out and duplicate text files using its major sort out criterias.

Remo MORE is one of the well deserved applications that can easily list all the duplicate text files from any folders, drives, partitions, volumes etc. using its extreme flexible mechanism it can be proved that all the duplicate text files with in the selected criteria can be deleted either temporarily or permanently. This legitimate software has secured a permanent place in the user’s heart within a short period of time. Moreover it gives the user the maximum level of sophistication to delete duplicate text files in PC. It has a higher level of user interface which makes the user to understand easily what they are up to and how to work with Remo MORE application for deleting text files within minutes. To be successful certain steps need to be followed. These steps will finally take any user to a successful duplicate text file deletion. They are.

  • All you need to do is just install the Remo MORE application in your Windows or Mac PC
  • After successful installation choose the “Optimize” button on the main screen
  • Hit the option “Find duplicate folder
  • Add the folders that need to be traced for a particular text file
  • Select the file format as text from the next upcoming Window and click “Scan” option
  • After the successful scanning process all the duplicate text files will be listed along with temporary and permanent deletion options
  • Choose either temporary or permanent deletion of those selected text files

Now all the duplicate text files will be deleted and success will be displayed in message pop up.

How to Permanently Delete Trash on Mac?

One of the most interesting facts about the Mac trash facility is that if you delete a file from any of your drives or folder location in the sense only the file index will be moved from the actual location to the trash program. In real the actual data which is located in the core of memory in the form of zeros and ones. These files and data will be deleted only if the hard drive is shredded or defragmented. You may ask a question what happens if we delete the files from trash in Mac. The same thing repeats here as well only the icons in the trash location will be deleted the real actual data will still remain in the original location in inactive mode. Many problems may arise if those files are recovered and passed to any misbehavers

Consider that you are working highly confidential office files and after completion you are destroying it thinking that the deleted files should not be revealed any more. After a few days you are lending the PC or selling a PC to An anonymous person. He makes use of recovery software and restores all the trash files. There your confidentiality is broken and torn into pieces. The only way to permanently delete trash on Mac operating system is by shredding or defragmenting the trash program. Unfortunately this process cannot be done manually. This is because the actual data source and memory will be in zeros and ones format. Tracking the data code in the middle of trillions of binary values manually is a tough job. Let’s leave the headache to software.

Remo MORE is one of the trashes clearing application that clears everything permanently from Mac trash utility. This application completely wipes out everything in the trash of Mac operating system and replaces with junk values. The junk values are filled up in the trash because simply deleting the zeros and ones in the memory is alone not enough to secure the data. Highly paid recovery software easily pulls out these kinds of files from deleted trash programs. So it is necessary to replace the old values with junk data to confuse the recovery software. For this purposed Remo MORE application provides three different wiping standards. Apart from these there are several advantages as well.  They are as follows

  • Available at a free of cost
  • Can be installed and used in any Mac operating system versions including the Mavericks
  • Supports both Intel and power PC environments
  • The application is digitally signed and free from all vulnerable issues
  • Provides maximum level security at free of cost

Installation and usage of this Remo MORE application is simple and sleek as well. Just by following the simple steps provided here anyone can permanently delete trash on Mac operating system.

  • Install the application in any of your Mac PC
  • Go to the trash location and right click on it
  • Select “Remo MORE – file eraser
  • Select “Erase Trash files” and confirm the trash permanent deletion

That’s it. All the trash files will be deleted permanently and make sure before permanent deletion because once the trash is deleted it cannot be recovered at any cost.