Best Way to Boost Internet Speed

Are you facing slow internet connection in your system? Do not you know how to increase internet speed? Do not worry; just go through this article. Here few tips and tricks have mentioned below which guides you to increase internet speed gradually.

Cleans browser’s history: When you browse each time in your system browser application has capacity to track all the actions you have performed in internet, and saves all pages you have visited with time and date, and stores passwords, cookies, cached files, etc. Keeping all these information on hard disk for longer duration, they can slowdowns your internet speed. Hence regularly cleans browser history after the end of browsing each day.

  • Click “Start” on the desktop
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Click on “Control Panel” and double click on “Internet” option
  • Choose General tab and click on “Clear History” in the history box
  • Click “OK” to delete all browsed information including passwords, downloaded data, cookies, cache etc.

Keep updating browser application: Each new release of browser application come up new functionality to browse internet better speed. Hence, keep updating your browser application.

Remove add-on: These are all small programs which runs automatically when browser starts. Internet speed will slow down by performing more actions at a time in browser application. Hence, disable this feature. To disable add-ons follow below mentioned steps

  • Go to “Tools”
  • Click on “Manage Add-Ons”
  • select “Add-Ons” which you wish to disable them
  • Once done, click on “close” button

By applying, all above said instructions in your browse application you may experience better internet speed. However, this is a lengthy process and you might bore of doing it daily. No need do not worry; you can also optimize internet speed with the help of Remo MORE application by clicking few clicks on it.  This application is most user-friendly in nature, and has effective look and feel nature. It increases internet speed in safe and quick manner and do not damage your system since it is read only application.

What are the uses of optimizing internet speed?

Most of the users experience slow internet speed even though having best data plans in their system. In addition, they do not that they can increase speed by changing internet settings and setting ip address manually. However, by optimizing internet speed one can easily browse and visit all pages quickly in web browser and even download will happen quickly that saves lot of user’s time. In addition, user can perform his/her personal quickly such as chatting, sending mails, etc.  However, having better browser speed in system makes all users happy.

Guidelines to optimize internet speed using Remo MORE:

  • Download and install Remo MORE application on your system successfully
  • Launch that application and choose Enhance from main screen
  • Next choose Internet Speed Enhancer from second window
  • In next screen, you will come with two options they are Optimize Speed and Advanced Settings. You choose Optimize Speed option to choose your network which you wish to increase its speed
  • If you wish to optimize your internet settings automatically, then click on “Settings” to schedule the optimization process based on your requirement
  • Now the application begins optimizing your internet network settings and displays success message


  • Do not attempt to change internet settings manually
  • Keep updating your antivirus application to avoid virus threats
  • Clean temporary files regularly