How to Destroy Data on Old Computer?

I was planning to purchase a new PC in exchange with my old one. However, I have been working with many official confidential files in that old PC. Now I need to get rid of those data in that old PC. If any of those confidential data is leaked or mishandled then I will be in a whole truck of trouble. So kindly help me to get some knowledge on how to destroy data on old computer? Suppose if it’s a long and tedious process explain with its procedural steps.

I am going to sell my old PC to an unknown person. I have some confidential data stored inside like bank credentials and other e documents. How to destroy data on old computer without damaging the hard disk?

This is one of the head scratching problems that ties the PC industry for a very long time. Many of the corporate companies are afraid of this data privacy issues and has dumped a lot of higher end PC hard drives in their dump yard. It may look like wastage of money but the real fact is the corporate are not ready to compromise their secrecy and confidential data. But those confidential data which are marked as no needed any more can be destroyed from your hard drive in safe and secure manner. There is certain software out there that is available in the internet for wiping the confidential data from the hard drive.

This kind of software will enter deep inside the hard disk core and replaces the binary values of the confidential data with some invalid dummy junks. The chance of recovering a wiped data from a old hard drive is highly impossible for any data recovery software to retrieve. At the same time finding a perfect data destroyer is a hectic task as well. If you are reading this post then you ought to be a lucky one because I have attached a link along with this post which takes you to a page and it contains well deserved software that could easily destroys the data present inside your old hard drive or PC. The name of the software is Remo MORE. This software has become a pioneer in the field of destroying data from the old PC hard drives. Its advanced features and procedural steps to destroy data from the used hard drives are listed below.

Some handpicked advantages that grabbed many of the user’s attention:

  • Destroys all kind of file formats including files with unknown extensions
  • Provides three different wiping standards to the users for betterment
  • Replaces the data source with junk values so that the recovery software gets confused
  • Digitally signed and recommended by many industrial experts for staying away from potential threats and other vulnerable issues
  • Works fine with all types of hard drives such as SATA, IDE, SSD, SSHD etc

Stepping stones to destroy data on old computers:

Remo MORE software has an easy installation and usage mechanism. This ease of access always keeps the users in its best comfort zone. The naïve users who require a sequential instruction can acquire them from here.

  • Download and install the software in your old PC from the link provided here or from the official website of Remo MORE
  • After installation choose “Manage” button on the home screen
  • Select “Data wipe” option from the next upcoming screen
  • Choose “Drive sanitizer” option to start the data destruction
  • Choose the drive or volume from the next popping up screen
  • Select the next button to wipe the drive completely

Once the data destruction process is completed in your old PC a success message will be displayed.


Confirm the data destruction more than once because once if the data is wiped from your old PC hard drive then at any cost it can’t be recovered.