Best Way to Boost Internet Speed

Are you facing slow internet connection in your system? Do not you know how to increase internet speed? Do not worry; just go through this article. Here few tips and tricks have mentioned below which guides you to increase internet speed gradually.

Cleans browser’s history: When you browse each time in your system browser application has capacity to track all the actions you have performed in internet, and saves all pages you have visited with time and date, and stores passwords, cookies, cached files, etc. Keeping all these information on hard disk for longer duration, they can slowdowns your internet speed. Hence regularly cleans browser history after the end of browsing each day.

  • Click “Start” on the desktop
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Click on “Control Panel” and double click on “Internet” option
  • Choose General tab and click on “Clear History” in the history box
  • Click “OK” to delete all browsed information including passwords, downloaded data, cookies, cache etc.

Keep updating browser application: Each new release of browser application come up new functionality to browse internet better speed. Hence, keep updating your browser application.

Remove add-on: These are all small programs which runs automatically when browser starts. Internet speed will slow down by performing more actions at a time in browser application. Hence, disable this feature. To disable add-ons follow below mentioned steps

  • Go to “Tools”
  • Click on “Manage Add-Ons”
  • select “Add-Ons” which you wish to disable them
  • Once done, click on “close” button

By applying, all above said instructions in your browse application you may experience better internet speed. However, this is a lengthy process and you might bore of doing it daily. No need do not worry; you can also optimize internet speed with the help of Remo MORE application by clicking few clicks on it.  This application is most user-friendly in nature, and has effective look and feel nature. It increases internet speed in safe and quick manner and do not damage your system since it is read only application.

What are the uses of optimizing internet speed?

Most of the users experience slow internet speed even though having best data plans in their system. In addition, they do not that they can increase speed by changing internet settings and setting ip address manually. However, by optimizing internet speed one can easily browse and visit all pages quickly in web browser and even download will happen quickly that saves lot of user’s time. In addition, user can perform his/her personal quickly such as chatting, sending mails, etc.  However, having better browser speed in system makes all users happy.

Guidelines to optimize internet speed using Remo MORE:

  • Download and install Remo MORE application on your system successfully
  • Launch that application and choose Enhance from main screen
  • Next choose Internet Speed Enhancer from second window
  • In next screen, you will come with two options they are Optimize Speed and Advanced Settings. You choose Optimize Speed option to choose your network which you wish to increase its speed
  • If you wish to optimize your internet settings automatically, then click on “Settings” to schedule the optimization process based on your requirement
  • Now the application begins optimizing your internet network settings and displays success message


  • Do not attempt to change internet settings manually
  • Keep updating your antivirus application to avoid virus threats
  • Clean temporary files regularly

Reliable Application to Unzip Files on Windows

I have recently zipped a list of office documents that are confidential one, using system built-in option. After few days later, I have installed zip file application meanwhile I used it to unzip which I have unzipped earlier. But, it displayed an error that “unable to unzip: file format is not supported”. Now I am need of those file, please help me to retrieve my files back as soon as possible.

Zip is a compression file format used to compress one or more files in a single file as .ZIP format, in which we can add any files such as audio, documents, songs, pictures, etc. By zipping files you can memory in your local hard disk and is makes more reliable to transfer via internet.

Why users opt for zipping files?

  • By zipping huge files, we can save memory space
  • Can easily send a list of documents via email
  • To keep a list of files in a single file for easy access
  • Easy for uploading a list of files at a time

Most of the users might come across situation as I said in first paragraph and lose their valuable data, which has been zipped for longer days. After knowing all these information usually users think that how to unzip files on Windows with great ease. Off course you can easily done it with making use of Remo MORE application. This is one of the robust and more reliable applications to zip and unzip files and folders on carious platforms.

Why Remo MORE suite only?

Supports multiplatform: This application can work on various platforms such as Android including all versions, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Blackberry.

Ease of access: Once can easily access this application without facing any difficulties in either zipping and unzipping a list files and folders. Moreover, it is most user-friendly application and has good look and feel nature.

Free of cost: This application is freely available on websites and installation process is simple and requires less memory space to get installed.

Read only application: It is free from malware, spyware and viruses hence it do not damage your system as well as your files while performing zipping and unzipping process. In addition, it performs safe, quick and secure unzipping process on all machines.

Free technical assistance: One can easily avail free technical support when there issues with application or any guidance via email and live chat application for 24*7 hours.

Know how to unzip files on Windows using Remo MORE application:

  • Download and launch Remo MORE suite on your system successfully
  • Choose “Manage” option from main screen of Remo MORE suite
  • Next select “Compress and Burn” option to extract files
  • Click on Zip and next click on Open/Update RZip File to unzip files
  • Choose zipped file from your system and click on open button
  • List of files which you have zipped displayed on windows. Click on “Extract” button to extract those files
  • Once this process completes you will get confirmation message


  • Use trustworthy application to zip your files
  • Do not keep zip files in infected devices
  • Do not change its file type frequently
  • Backup your zipped file before unzipping them
  • Secures zip file with password protected

Marvelous Software to Recover Files after System Restore

System restore is a in build function available in all Windows Operating system which helps user to restore the system files, installed application, registry key without affecting to the personal data and also you can say that it undo the changes what the user had made after system restore point which gradually increase the system performance.

Most of the people are not aware of that, if user performs system restore on all Windows OS and doesn’t take backup then the loss of crucial files is confirmed. Hence, losing crucial files may result in critical situation. Suppose, if you have lost files due to system restore option and looking for the best solution then by using this My Hard Drive Recovery application you can retrieve erased files. For more detail about the recovery you can visit here

In two situations you can perform system restore:

  • Suppose, your system is infected by dangerous harmful program come from other device or while downloading files from untrusted sites. Once the system gets infected by virus then it may corrupt the file system and system behaves abnormally. Now, you restore your system at the previous restore point.
  • Secondly, if you want to sell your system or machine then before selling your electronic gadgets, you should perform system restore function to make it original factory setting when you had purchased new system.

When does system restore causes to the loss of data?

  • Imagine that you are performing system restore process and it got interrupted as a result of power failure, system error and so on. Here the computer could be unstable state and result in huge amount of data loss.
  • If in case you perform system restore without taking proper backup then all stored files and changes you have made from the time of restore point will be lost. You can say that when system restores is done then Operating system erases the complete information available in the disk.
  • Suppose you have installed multiple applications and in future system behaves abnormally, at that time you can set system restore to bring your system in the previous state when system was working properly.

This top rated software is capable of recovering files after system restore on various Windows Operating system for example Windows 7, XP, Vista and so on.  As well as this professional application has ability to retrieve numerous files for example audio files (MP3, WAV), videos (MPEG, MP4, AVI), images (CR2, CRW, KDC, RAW), Word files, PPT, PPTX, etc. from external storage media like external HDD (SATA, ATA, IDE, SCSI), USB drive, pen drive, memory card (Mini SD, CF card, Memory stick), etc. This powerful tool has ultimate feature which recovers even after formatting the drive. You can store files on the basis of file name, size, file extension, file types and so on.

Note: If you wish to purchase the product, then firstly download the demo version from the site and install it on computer to check the performance. After the satisfaction you can purchase the product key.

How to Destroy Data on Old Computer?

I was planning to purchase a new PC in exchange with my old one. However, I have been working with many official confidential files in that old PC. Now I need to get rid of those data in that old PC. If any of those confidential data is leaked or mishandled then I will be in a whole truck of trouble. So kindly help me to get some knowledge on how to destroy data on old computer? Suppose if it’s a long and tedious process explain with its procedural steps.

I am going to sell my old PC to an unknown person. I have some confidential data stored inside like bank credentials and other e documents. How to destroy data on old computer without damaging the hard disk?

This is one of the head scratching problems that ties the PC industry for a very long time. Many of the corporate companies are afraid of this data privacy issues and has dumped a lot of higher end PC hard drives in their dump yard. It may look like wastage of money but the real fact is the corporate are not ready to compromise their secrecy and confidential data. But those confidential data which are marked as no needed any more can be destroyed from your hard drive in safe and secure manner. There is certain software out there that is available in the internet for wiping the confidential data from the hard drive.

This kind of software will enter deep inside the hard disk core and replaces the binary values of the confidential data with some invalid dummy junks. The chance of recovering a wiped data from a old hard drive is highly impossible for any data recovery software to retrieve. At the same time finding a perfect data destroyer is a hectic task as well. If you are reading this post then you ought to be a lucky one because I have attached a link along with this post which takes you to a page and it contains well deserved software that could easily destroys the data present inside your old hard drive or PC. The name of the software is Remo MORE. This software has become a pioneer in the field of destroying data from the old PC hard drives. Its advanced features and procedural steps to destroy data from the used hard drives are listed below.

Some handpicked advantages that grabbed many of the user’s attention:

  • Destroys all kind of file formats including files with unknown extensions
  • Provides three different wiping standards to the users for betterment
  • Replaces the data source with junk values so that the recovery software gets confused
  • Digitally signed and recommended by many industrial experts for staying away from potential threats and other vulnerable issues
  • Works fine with all types of hard drives such as SATA, IDE, SSD, SSHD etc

Stepping stones to destroy data on old computers:

Remo MORE software has an easy installation and usage mechanism. This ease of access always keeps the users in its best comfort zone. The naïve users who require a sequential instruction can acquire them from here.

  • Download and install the software in your old PC from the link provided here or from the official website of Remo MORE
  • After installation choose “Manage” button on the home screen
  • Select “Data wipe” option from the next upcoming screen
  • Choose “Drive sanitizer” option to start the data destruction
  • Choose the drive or volume from the next popping up screen
  • Select the next button to wipe the drive completely

Once the data destruction process is completed in your old PC a success message will be displayed.


Confirm the data destruction more than once because once if the data is wiped from your old PC hard drive then at any cost it can’t be recovered.

How to Erase Internet History?

Internet – one of the fast eldest and chief landlords of the tech world. At the same time considered as one of the boon for the human community to enrich the knowledge. Though the internet has evolved a lot in recent years there are still some technical terminologies that use the age old mechanism for user sophistication purpose. At times these old terminologies and mechanisms may turn its back and might cause several issues. A critical issue of that kind is internet history. Though internet history is one of the most needed mechanisms of a web browser but we can’t keep the internet history files for a very long time. However after the introduction of cache file and temporary files internet history became useless.

As people don’t want their internet history to grow more than a limit they went in search of a good tool that could possibly give them proper solutions on how to erase internet history. Here is a perfect tool that fetches all the data from the widely used popular browsers in both Windows and Mac operating systems. The name of the tool is Remo MORE. This Remo MORE software make use of a powerful scanning and erasing mechanism to erase internet history generated by most popular browsers. Before knowing the complete details about the software we need to know why the internet history needs to be cleared now and then.

Why the internet histories need to be cleared?

  • Keeping the internet history undeleted for a very long time will result in a performance degradation in the internet speed
  • Spatial issues may rise
  • The loading time of any complex web pages and web services may get struck
  • Browsers may crash now and then
  • Browser may fail to open when needed

These all problems can be solved in a very few clicks. Just by using Remo MORE software all the internet history files can be deleted permanently. There are many useful advantages in using Remo MORE software to erase internet history they are as follows.

  • Easily finds and deletes internet history files that are created by crashed web browsers
  • All popular web browsers are well supported in both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Works with both 32 and 64 bit operating systems
  • As said before clears internet histories from both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Provides option to the user to customize internet history using its advanced features

The procedure to use Remo MORE software is so simple and easy. All the user need to do is just download the software from the official software and start using it. Install the software in your Windows or Mac operating system. Click on optimize button on the main screen. From the next upcoming screen choose privacy cleaner option and then click on clean browser junk option. Choose the browsers that need to be scanned for internet history from the right side pane and then click scan button. Now all the internet history files will be displayed. Go through it and if anything needed in that list uncheck it and delete it. Now click finish button to complete the internet history clearance process.