Have you lost your essential files after applying Shift + Delete buttons combination??? Do you want to rescue those deleted files??? Then you are at the right place. We regularly delete unwanted files from our laptop or personal computer. Generally, you remove files either by using the Delete key or by selecting delete option from menu which comes out after the right click with the mouse on computer screen. If you delete files by using these options then deleted files directly gets stored in the Recycle bin folder and later you will be redirected to the desired location. But, when you delete the files by using Shift + Delete key then deleted file bypasses the Recycle bin folder. You may think that deleted files have gone for forever. However, technically it is absolutely wrong. You can restore your deleted files in such situation with the aid from file recovery software, which is especially designed to recover files on such type of scenarios.

After files are erased then you will start thinking what needs to be done to overcome from such type of data loss situations. The first step you need to follow is don’t add new files were deleted files were stored. When a file is erased, the original information in the file remains as unharmed. But in the situation, where you have used “Shift + delete” key to erase the file, all the related information of the file gets wiped out from the file directory representing the space as free memory space for new data. If you are successful in preventing from data over writing then you have done very important task in the way of recovery process and the rest of the work will be done with the help of file Recovery Software. With such tool, you can also recover deleted files from storage devices like external hard drive, memory cards, pen drive, FireWire drives etc. on both Windows and Mac operating system environment.

Reasons for file deletion may vary from situations. Some of reasons are highlighted over here:

  • You file may be deleted from hard drive if it is not needed.
  • You may also delete large size files in order to free the memory space.
  • Even you may delete the file if you don’t wish others to access information contained with your files.

All these above situations are for intentional file deletion and what if you erase them accidentally or intentionally with shift + delete key??? Don not worry you can restore all your vital files from computer system by using superb file recovery application.

This award winning file recovery software is specially designed to retrieve recycle bin deleted files or files which have been bypass the Recycle Bin folder due to file size limit. This recovery tool has the capability to identify and restore deleted Word files and other different popular files such as photos, videos, audio files, spreadsheets, etc based on their unique signatures. This is a read only application that is totally secure to use. For more detail information visit here: http://www.remosoftware.com/recover-shift-deleted-files

It can proficiently scan all the partitions of hard drive and find shift + deleted files, which have become unavailable because of their missing entry in the file table. You can check the features of this recovery software by downloading its trial version, which is available as free. After evaluating the result, you can purchase its full version.