How to Retrieve Data from Missing Partition?

Had you lost one of your partition from hard drive while reinstallation of OS? If so then a big mistake has been done by you. Constructing a partition in your hard drive is to differentiate between OS and program files from user files, to have multi-boot setup, to have several file systems, to decrease the access time, which in turn raises the system performance, to defend files by constructing it easier to recover a corrupt file system. There are various reasons for partition loss from hard drive. If your partition has lost, it wipes all data from that partition. It results in huge loss of data. So do not think much as you can perform missing partition recovery by using best available recovery software.

  • Consider wherein you are unable to boot your system. You may get some errors for example as operating system not found, missing operating system. This will arise because disk is not detected by the BIOS (Basic Input/output System). Incompatible partition is marked as active or the system drive partition having the MBR is not active any more. Because of these errors, you may miss your partitions. If you do not have back up of your data then you can use recovery software to get back all data.
  • Dynamic disks maintained multi-partition volumes and keeps the partition information on the hard drive itself. It supports operation such as RAID-5 volumes removing mirror and breaking a mirrored volume into two partitions. Sometimes you may view as your diverse partition enlisted as system partitions, while your dynamic disks partition may miss and then you will try to delete that fake system partitions. During deletion, you may encounter error as ‘cannot delete the system volume on this disk’. In such case also, you may lose your hard drive partition.
  • All booting information will be stored in BIOS. The boot record signature can be damaged when BIOS boots the system. If boot record signature gets damaged or goes missing. Then the data stored on hard drive partition table may be lost and system becomes unbootable.  
  • Virus infection is the main reason for data loss due to missing partition. If the master boot record(MBR) that caries the partition table gets damaged or corrupt due to virus attack then you will not able to see partitions. Therefore, leading to huge data loss.
  • Sometimes it happens that either operating system does not boot up because of NTLDR goes missing or boot.ini may corrupted. We use restore CD to repair the operating system.

In addition to above scenarios, partition loss due to incorrect partitioning in hard drive. Unattended installation of OS may cause partition loss. In all such cases, you must need a best recovery tool to get back all your precious data.

This innovative software will retrieve all your data from missing partitions. The software has unique feature to recover the lost or deleted partition data. It is built with highly powerful algorithms. Therefore, any user can recover lost partition data by just following few simple steps. First, you can download its trial version to evaluate its performance and later you can purchase only you are satisfied with tool. Follow some simple steps here

  • Download the software, run its trial version.  Connect to your healthy computer, click to recover partitions / drives option.
  • Tool displays a list of drives connected your system; select a drive from which partition is missing.
  • Now, the software lists all the partitions including lost/deleted partitions. Choose a missing partition from which data has to be restored.
  •  Lastly, after scanning it will shows the result on your screen and that can be saved.