How you can recover data from memory card…by using card recovery tool

Memory card is a flash storage drive, it is generally utilized in digital devices including mobile phones, Tablets, cameras, Mp3’s and lots of other electronics which are depending on embedded technology. Its storage capacity ranges from 64MB to 8GB allowing an individual to keep plenty of files including movies, pictures files and music files. Data loss from all of these cards is a frustrating situation for memory card users.

Have you ever faced a scenario where you lose some of your important files out of your cameras SD memory? But still hunting for a solution to recover SD memory card data, then you are at right path. Memory card recovery software will solve your problem within few mouse clicks.

Which are the scenarios which lead to data loss from memory card?

  1. Unintentional formatting your memory containing your important data.
  2. Sudden power breakdown while transferring files from card to computer hard disk drive or from HDD to card.
  3. Using memory card on different camera or on different machines also leads to data loss.
  4. Memory card corruption due to virus attack, also results in data loss.

How you can overcome these scenarios?

If you delete any file out of your storage device, its content is not erased permanently. Only the reference pointers to those files are removed or erased. Memory just marks that space free for reuse. However the most important step which you have to follow is, stop using the device immediately after facing data loss. Because as you add any new file to your SD card the original file might get overwritten which makes recovery impossible.

Way to solve the issue of data loss?

Crud recovery tool is wonderful software to recover SD card memory card data. The software supports recovery of numerous kinds of audio recordings, video clips, photo file and documents. As opposed to this in addition, it supports recovery of RAW images of formats including SR2, ORF, NEF, CR2, CRW, DNG, ARW, MRW captured all popular digital camera models for instance Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Canon, Panasonic, Olympus and etc. If you are facing memory card corruption issue then without much time go for memory card recovery tool to recover damaged memory card data.

Using this tool it is possible to data using their company removable storage drive also including external hard disk, iPod, Compact Flash card, XD Card, Secure Digital card, Thumb drive, Multi Media Card and etc. You are able to run it on every one of the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system. Click here to choose trial version of this tool, trial version enable you to judging the program performance. If you satisfied with the end result of trial version then you can download its full version.

Precaution need to be followed

  1. Don’t remove the card forcefully from your system or camera.
  2. Maintain a suitable backup of your important data.
  3. Don’t connect the credit card with already infected PC or laptop.
  4. Choose reliable tool to perform recovery.

How will you restore files from USB drive on Windows 7?

Perhaps you have lost some of your important files from USB drive on Windows 7 computer by removing the data cable abruptly without following safely remove hardware option during file transfer process. After losing data you might be frustrated and searching out for a reliable third party file recovery program for Windows 7 based computer. No need to worry, since this is a quite common occurring data loss scenario which is commonly faced by most of the users of USB drive. USB drive recovery program is the most effective file recovery software which is highly reviewed by industry experts having years of experience in developing file recovery programs. This software uses inbuilt scanning algorithm which scans the entire USB drive and recover the files with the help of file attributes. Just go through the below explained piece of writing in order to know more about this file recovery program.

USB drive is an external data storage device which can be used in the computer or laptops by using data cable in order to copy or transfer files. This storage drive is developed by various companies such as Kingston, Transcend, Lexar, HP, Corsair, Sony, etc. However, even these devices are prone to data loss because of various reasons like formatting, malware attack, corruption and many more causes. Whatever might be the cause for data loss but it makes you to face huge loss of your valuable data stored in the USB drive.

Apart from losing data from USB drive because of abrupt removal of drive, there are some more reasons which make you to lose your data from USB drive on Windows 7 based PC.

Common data loss scenarios:

  • File system corruption as a result of sudden system turn off.
  • Usage of pirated version of third party applications which conflicts with the operating system and delete some of your files.
  • Unintentional deletion of important files from Windows 7 computer by using “Shift+delete” option causes permanent deletion of files.
  • Corruption of Windows registry results in OS crash and you may end up losing stored data.
  • Reinstallation of Windows operating system without having backup of valuable files and folders results in data loss.
  • Harmful viruses like Trojans leads to system crash or file damage making the files inaccessible causing loss of data.

It is always advised to keep a proper backup of crucial files in order to restore them after losing data and do not add or store any new files in order to avoid overwriting of original files which helps to recover the data using any data recovery tool. In case there is no backup of data then there is no need to get panic, as there is USB file recovery program which can efficiently retrieve the files that are either deleted or lost form USB drive from Windows and Mac based computer. This software provides a “Find” option which is helpful in identifying the file types and restores them on the basis of their unique file signature.

Basic steps which you have to follow in order to use USB file recovery program.

First get the free version of the USB file recovery program and do the installation on your PC. Just double click the desktop icon to open the software and choose the appropriate recovery options which you get while using the recovery application. When the file restoration process is finished you can judge the functionality of the application and if the trial version restores all your lost files you can go for its full version from the internet.

How to retrieve lost images from SD cards

Digital cameras are widely used for photography in various fields and the captured data from cameras will be stored on memory devices like memory sticks, SD cards, etc. These memory cards can be used for storing not only media files from digital cameras but also to store various data like files, text documents, etc on Smart phones, mobile phones, etc.

The data like photos on SD cards of digital camera can be lost on account of various situations.  One of such situation is here. Think that the storage device on your digital camera that has stored some huge set of pictures on it was damaged because of the corrupt firmware. Firmware is a kind of software that controls proper functionality of the device similar to operating system on computers.  So this firmware supports the capturing and storing of images in memory cards. If this firmware is corrupted due to any virus or false functioning then the files will become corrupt on memory card thus you might lose data. There can be even more scenarios that might lead to data loss and some are mentioned here:

  • Accidental format – If you accidentally format the memory card without taking backup of required data then you might have to face severe data loss.
  • Frequent removal of card from camera – When the card is been inserted on the camera to store captured pictures and videos, if it is being removed and inserted for numerous times without any caution then the card might get corrupt and the data might be lost.
  • Deleting files – While viewing photos on camera if you accidentally delete all the pictures with the option ‘delete all’ then you will have to face severe data loss.
  • Power issues in camera – The digital camera has to be used with proper power supply. Using the camera to capture photos even when it is showing battery low the memory card might become corrupt and thus the data can be lost.
  • Memory card interface with other devices – When you connect memory card on to the system to copy any data or to transfer data and if the interface is not proper then the data might get corrupt and thus you may undergo data loss.

In all these situations the lost data like photos can be recovered using digital picture recovery software that also recovers all types of data. The software scans for the lost or deleted data files on corrupt storage devices and thus you can perform photo recovery from SD card easily. The software is applicable on different systems of OS like Windows and Mac. And the features of this software can be explained here:

  • Performs complete recovery of various media files like pictures, music files and video files of different file types.
  • All media file types like .jpg, .png, .mpg, .mp4v, .mp3, .jpeg, etc can be restored back from SD cards.
  • Corrupt memory card data can be recovered with the aid of this software.
  • Recovers easily all the corrupt data from various brands of memory cards like Kingston SDXC, Transcend SD, SanDisk SDHC cards etc,
  • Can recover hard drive data from formatted and re-formatted storage devices.

The recovery program can be utilized with simple steps and can be used on any systems for the process of data recovery. The software is also available for demo purpose. To make use of demo software, download and install it on the system in which you will perform data recovery. Then follow the steps with given precautions and restore the lost data. Never download the program on the drive from which you have lost data. Because the memory space of the drive where the lost data was stored will be used to store the program files and thus the memory will be overwritten. If this happens you will have to lose the data permanently beyond recovery. Hence store it in different drive.


Best Tool to Repair corrupted RAR file

Had your RAR file got broken or corrupted?  And you are unable to view or access the data from inside file. No need to worry now because for every problem there is a solution, good software that can repair corrupted RAR file. Generally, RAR files are used to store data in compressed state. These files are capable of holding other files in them. Because of its compressing ability it can transported easily to other devices or computers. The files inside RAR archives cannot be used until and unless RAR files are open first. A RAR file reduces the tedious work of selecting and sending for every single file with email. The chances of getting broken are more when RAR file is large size. Because of this, the data inside RAR file sometimes become unreachable to users. There are many reasons for broken or damaged RAR archive, and some they have listed below:

Interruption while downloading: The structure of RAR file may broke if any disorder takes place while downloading. You must keep an eye open onto your computer system while the downloading procedure is taking place. Suppose you are downloading a large size RAR file from the internet and if, there is a problem in transferring your RAR files or partial download from internet the RAR file may get broken.

Virus threats: Virus attack is the common reason for RAR file corruption. Viruses have the capability to infect your RAR files rigorously and they are considering as an external threat. The use of third party tool will raises the risks of virus attack that will damage your RAR file.

CRC (Cyclic redundancy check) errors: A CRC error specifies that particular data in your Zip file (.zip or .zipx) is damaged. A calculation will be done from all the data in a file to assure accuracy in transmission. Suppose you have added a file to a Zip file the WinZip estimates a CRC value for file and protects the value in the Zip file. After you extract the file from the Zip file, WinZip estimates the CRC of the extracted file and matches it to value kept while the file was zipped. If these two CRC values are not equal, then WinZip encounters CRC Error message. If the data inside Zip file damaged, it is impossible to extract all the files from the Zip file properly. Damaged data can mark the entire Zip file, multiple files or just one file. In such case if this error occurs then you need an effective too to repair corrupted RAR file to get back your data.

A RAR file gets broken due to many factors than listed above. The RAR file may be broken due to file header corruption. While renaming the file with an improper extension also tends to corrupt your RAR file. The file becomes useless and it cannot be used as a RAR file. Sometimes because of power fluctuation while downloading, RAR file may get corrupted.

Using this repair RAR tool, you can repair corrupted or broken RAR file and you can recover your important data. The repair RAR software is outstanding friendly and very suitable to implement. The software implements protective and danger operation. The repair RAR tool is built with well-designed algorithm to recover lost data from broken RAR file. An advanced utility repairs corrupted RAR file and recover data. The software never injuries your original file during repairing it will treat your RAR file as read-only. It simply scan the damage file, abstract data from it and builds a new RAR file with extracted data that can be easily open for task. The software supports for all kinds version of Windows operating systems like windows 8, XP, Vista, 2007 etc. You can download the trial version of RAR file repair software and you can see its result.  Execute the tool & if satisfied with the results then purchase the full version.

How to Retrieve Data from Missing Partition?

Had you lost one of your partition from hard drive while reinstallation of OS? If so then a big mistake has been done by you. Constructing a partition in your hard drive is to differentiate between OS and program files from user files, to have multi-boot setup, to have several file systems, to decrease the access time, which in turn raises the system performance, to defend files by constructing it easier to recover a corrupt file system. There are various reasons for partition loss from hard drive. If your partition has lost, it wipes all data from that partition. It results in huge loss of data. So do not think much as you can perform missing partition recovery by using best available recovery software.

  • Consider wherein you are unable to boot your system. You may get some errors for example as operating system not found, missing operating system. This will arise because disk is not detected by the BIOS (Basic Input/output System). Incompatible partition is marked as active or the system drive partition having the MBR is not active any more. Because of these errors, you may miss your partitions. If you do not have back up of your data then you can use recovery software to get back all data.
  • Dynamic disks maintained multi-partition volumes and keeps the partition information on the hard drive itself. It supports operation such as RAID-5 volumes removing mirror and breaking a mirrored volume into two partitions. Sometimes you may view as your diverse partition enlisted as system partitions, while your dynamic disks partition may miss and then you will try to delete that fake system partitions. During deletion, you may encounter error as ‘cannot delete the system volume on this disk’. In such case also, you may lose your hard drive partition.
  • All booting information will be stored in BIOS. The boot record signature can be damaged when BIOS boots the system. If boot record signature gets damaged or goes missing. Then the data stored on hard drive partition table may be lost and system becomes unbootable.  
  • Virus infection is the main reason for data loss due to missing partition. If the master boot record(MBR) that caries the partition table gets damaged or corrupt due to virus attack then you will not able to see partitions. Therefore, leading to huge data loss.
  • Sometimes it happens that either operating system does not boot up because of NTLDR goes missing or boot.ini may corrupted. We use restore CD to repair the operating system.

In addition to above scenarios, partition loss due to incorrect partitioning in hard drive. Unattended installation of OS may cause partition loss. In all such cases, you must need a best recovery tool to get back all your precious data.

This innovative software will retrieve all your data from missing partitions. The software has unique feature to recover the lost or deleted partition data. It is built with highly powerful algorithms. Therefore, any user can recover lost partition data by just following few simple steps. First, you can download its trial version to evaluate its performance and later you can purchase only you are satisfied with tool. Follow some simple steps here

  • Download the software, run its trial version.  Connect to your healthy computer, click to recover partitions / drives option.
  • Tool displays a list of drives connected your system; select a drive from which partition is missing.
  • Now, the software lists all the partitions including lost/deleted partitions. Choose a missing partition from which data has to be restored.
  •  Lastly, after scanning it will shows the result on your screen and that can be saved.

Solution to Fix Corrupted Files

DOC is the file format which is commonly used by Microsoft Word software. DOC stands for document files. There are different types of DOC format which are categorized below according to their versions. Using tool to fix corrupted files will be the best choice to fix corrupted files.

  1. DOC or.docm (Document):

It is the default file format of MS Word which stores data in a single binary file format. It may contain formatted text, tables, graphs, images and charts. Page formatting and print settings are widely used in MS Office 2003 and its earlier versions.

  1. DOCX or.docx (MS Office Open XML Format Document):

It is the new file format which is created in open XML type. It stores documents as a collection of files and folders in compressed format. It can be opened in MS Word 2007 and its later versions.

These are some most prominent reasons for document corruption. When a Word document gets corrupted it becomes inaccessible or unable to be accessed. In this situation MS Word tool becomes unable to open or read the documents entirely. It must be the most frustrating situation for any MS Word user. The corrupt Word file cannot be opened until we repair it. Presently there are few possible solutions mentioned below which must be chosen to fix corrupt Word documents.

  1. Open and Repair:

“Open and Repair” is a built-in repair feature of Microsoft Word. We must try it to repair corrupt word files. It is very simple and effective solution to fix corrupt doc files. To use this feature, we need to follow these steps:

  • Open MS Word program.
  • Click on Office button.
  • Click on Open.
  • Select file from system directory. Click only one file at a time.
  • Scroll down the arrow on the Open button.
  • Select Open and Repair.
  1. By using a third-party Microsoft Word Recovery:

This is the last solution but not the least one. Actually it is one of the most effective answers. We can use Microsoft Word Recovery to recover data from corrupt Word document files. It can effectively repair corrupt files and recover data from them only up to a certain extent. Third-party tools are available with free demo version which suits perfectly for this issue.

Office documents repair tool has complicated organize to fix entirely Truncated / inaccessible doc files which is built with professional attributes and that helps to retrieve all corrupted / lost data from the machine, it converts unapproachable files to reuse state. It does read only operation and it wouldn’t move, alter or eradicate the original documents. This repair program includes skillful built-in scan utility; it identifies and recaptures complete content from inaccessible doc files without any complexity. This software identifies and protects file names after repair process.

Apart from word and PowerPoint the user can also avail the benefit of fix corrupted utilities to repair video files too. The Video player refuses to play corrupted or broken files. User has to repair such files to make them playable. In which fix corrupted has dedicated tools to repair corrupted avi files and MOV files on both Windows and Mac computers.

Exclusive features of fix corrupted files:

  • Contains simple user interface to avoid complications at repair
  • Includes of advanced file repair programs to fix corrupt files
  • Eminent software to fix DOC and DOCX type files
  • Obtainable for both Windows and Mac OS X computers to fix the files user files
  • Instant professionals support to assist file repair users 24/7
  • Demo version of the software for evaluation with similar functionality
  • Good in fixing header error files without causing any further damage to the user’s essential files.

The descriptive GUI is highly enough even for a non technical user to download and install the software from the internet world. Since the copy of the actual file is repaired and provided to the user the data loss further won’t infect the actual file.

How to Restore Back The Files

Lost or deleted any files on your computer hard drive recently? While lost or deleted any files over the hard drive you don’t have even any idea regarding the data loss. You just know that the particular file is missing from your storage space. Just after the loss you go through the all initial process to get back the files. Some of the user takes the situation as the final as they lose their hope to get back the file. In that scenario computer file recovery software is the last hope remains for you. One best data recovery tool and your lost data will be with you once again. So don’t give up. As deleting any file does not delete the file forever. Still it stays inside of the hard disk.  When the files get deleted, try to restore that particular file just after the deletion.  As much late you will be the chances of the data loss will also increase with the time span.

At the first stage of the data deletion it goes to the recycle bin or to Trash Bin. So by clicking on the restore button you can simply recover deleted files from pc. In some situations when the data do not get stored in the recycle bin then it’s a great headache to restore the files back. So first make sure that you don’t have saved the file on any other folder. And don’t even mistakenly store any data on the same drive before executing the data recovery on the system hard drive.  As it is very common to the users to lose the files from the hard drive but they have no clear view regarding the reasons of data deletion.

Few of the hectic scenarios are explained here. It is like sometime your system hard drive get crashed due to its functional problem and the whole stored data will be erased from the disk. Some situation occurs when you are working with any of the files and suddenly your system shuts down which results in the huge amount of data loss. Accidental formatting the disk drive is the reason of data deletion. Sometimes some kind of antivirus software tries to make changes over the effected data and causes harm to the other files. It may take away the important data. Well once you lost you data, Computer File Recovery software will undoubtedly retrieve your lost data. But as the security purpose of your essential documents try to maintain the backup of the data. So in future, if this kind of data loss situation occurs you do not need to get panic any further.

The Computer File Recovery software is well known to the professional due to its all-unique features. When you are looking for your lost files without any loss that time, it provides that assurance of the data recovery. It can even restore the files from the bad sectors over the hard drive. It is available with the both the Mac and Windows editions. In both of its editions of the software, the ‘preview’ option is available so that you can view the recovered files just after completing the data recovery. So download now the software ant apply on your hard drive to retrieve the lost files immediately.