An easy way for external hard drive recovery

Had you ever been in a situation, wherein, external hard drive of your computer becomes corrupt or inaccessible?

Are you not able to access files stored in it?An easy way for external hard drive recovery

If your answer to any of the questions mentioned above is ‘yes’, it is quite sure that you are on a verge of losing your critical data from the external hard disk of your computer. These situations arise when external hard disk gets corrupted due to any of the various reasons that lead to data loss from a hard disk. The lost data can then be retrieved back with the help of external hard drive recovery software. Your hard drive partition may get corrupt & become inaccessible in the instances explained below:

Improper System Shutdown/Reset: Due to power fluctuations, your computer may suddenly reboot or shut down during a data transfer or some other operation. Sometimes, you may switch off your system without shutting it down properly while your external hard disk connected with your computer. This improper way of system reset/shutdown may damage the file system resulting in a corrupt external hard disk. It also leads to a loss of files & folders without any errors or crashes.

Formatting external hard drive: While your external hard disk shows the error messages and you become unable to access files from hard disk, you may be left with an only option of formatting. If you don’t have the backup of files then you may lose all files from the external hard disk. This may also happen when you were trying to format some other drive but by mistake you have formatted the external hard disk.

Virus Attack: This is one of the most common situations that are responsible for various types of corruption on external hard disk. You may download some files over the internet & store on your external hard disk. During the data transfer, there are fair chances of virus getting intruded into external hard disk. These nasty programs may also get transferred to your external hard drive from other storage devices like memory card, USB drive, etc. The virus or malware causes data corruption by overwriting areas of raw disk with garbage data, thus making the data inaccessible.

Incorrect removal from PC: While transferring data between external hard disk & your computer, if your external hard disk is ejected suddenly, this may cause external hard disk corruption. Upon accomplishment of work, if you remove external hard disk from the computer without making use of “Safe Remove Hardware” option, this may lead to external drive getting corrupted.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, various other factors are also responsible for a corrupt partition & unreadable data from external hard disk. In such disastrous circumstances, you need to make use of an efficient recovery tool that can restore lost data from your external hard disk.

After losing your important files, what are the options you have tried so far? Like many other users, you might have tried to access the external hard disk again & again, making the situation bad to worse. You might have been suggested to reformat the external hard disk, but as everyone knows, this will erase entire data from external hard disk.

Carry out following steps to recover external hard disk:

I.  Connect your external hard disk to the computer and launch this external hard disk recovery tool.

II.  Choose the recovery options provided by the tool & then select the external hard disk from a list of physical drives connected to the PC.

III. Then, a list of file signatures is displayed. Choose the ones you want to retrieve from the disk.

IV. The software starts scanning your external hard disk and upon completing a scanning process, a list of recovered files gets displayed.

V. Purchase the registered version of this tool & save the recovered external hard disk files.

Prevention is better than cure

With the help of this award-winning tool, you can recover lost or deleted files in most of the data loss situations. But, in the future, you should be careful while using your external hard disk and follow some precautions that are mentioned here:

I. Always use “Safe Remove Hardware” wizard while ejecting your external hard disk from a computer.

II. Make a habit of using a good anti-virus program to scan your external hard disk frequently for any virus & other malicious programs.

III. Anyhow, if you lose data from your external hard disk, do not use untrusted or free recovery software, as these may further damage a hard disk while the recovery process.