How to repair Outlook inbox?

Outlook Recovery Tool
Had you ever been in a situation, when you were trying to access your emails from MS Outlook and it refused to open or it showed you some error?

If the answer to the above question is ‘Yes’ then you are at the right place. Your Outlook emails become inaccessible to you because either it got corrupted or there might be some error. But error may be anything; you can repair your Outlook inbox very easily. For this you can use repair Outlook inbox tool and you can again access to your emails. Its a few clicks process and it can repair your Outlook inbox within few minutes. Your Outlook inbox may get corrupt & become inaccessible in the instances explained below:

Oversized PST file: MS has given a limited size to the PST file in different Outlook versions. It differs for different versions. When the size of PST file exceeds the size which is already provided then there may be the chances of Outlook inbox corruption. Due to oversized PST file while you try to access emails from MS Outlook it is not going to open.

Virus / Malware Attack: Sometimes your Outlook emails become infected through virus attack and while you trying to access your emails it refuses to open showing some errors. To get rid of corrupted emails you may have deleted all your emails or you have deleted email folder. It may result in your all email loss.

Sudden system shut down: While you are working on Outlook inbox, all of a sudden your system shuts down due to power surge or due to some other error occurred. Then it may leads to Outlook inbox corruption but you can repair the corrupted inbox using Outlook inbox repair tool.

Header Corruption: Header contains all the information of PST file. If this header get corrupts then also emails not get opened. Header corruption happens due to sudden system shut down.

Unreliable repair software: While your Outlook inbox becomes corrupt, you may have used unreliable software to repair the Outlook inbox. But it didn’t repair the Outlook inbox and results with some more corruption. Due to that your emails become inaccessible to you.

So we have discussed many reasons of Outlook inbox corruption, in all these scenarios corrupted inbox can be repaired using inbox repair tool only. This software scans the corrupted PST file and creates the new PST file from the corrupted one. It doesn’t make any change to the original file. Its scanning process is very effective because it scans the hard drive very deeply and repairs the corrupted Outlook inbox.

This software is compatible with all Windows versions such as Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7 and also helpful to recover emails from any Outlook version whether it is 2000, 2003 2007 or 2010.

Procedure for inbox repair:

Microsoft has already provided its inbox repair tool Scanpst.exe to repair the corrupted inbox and all other Outlook items but in some situations it doesn’t provide expected result and fails to repair the Outlook inbox. In these situations inbox repair software comes into picture. Carry out some simple steps how to use this software:

  1. Download and install the trial version of software.
  2. Browse the PST file on which you become inaccessible to your emails.
  3. Start the scan process in order to repair the inbox.
  4. After completing the repair process this software will display repaired Outlook inbox.
  5. Activate the trial and access your Outlook inbox.

Precaution Measures: If you want to escape from all these problems then use some precautions as given below:

  1. Always keep a backup of PST file. If your inbox become corrupt then using the backup you can repair corrected inbox.
  2. Always keep your antivirus software updated so no virus attack will happen.
  3. Don’t open your Outlook in power fluctuation or irregular power supply.
  4. Regularly delete your unwanted emails so that PST size never exceeded from the provided one.
  5. Even though your Outlook becomes corrupted then never use unreliable software to recover Outlook inbox.

Using these precautions you can escape from outlook inbox corruption or inaccessibility of emails.