Most Prominent Method To Recover Deleted File On Android Phone

Android phones are much popular nowadays, and most of the users like to switch their life to these gadgets because they are simple and you can capture photos, browse the web, and play videos by using simple touch screen method. However, you may lose or delete your photos, videos and other media files stored in the phone unknowingly or accidentally. But recovering this data is much crucial. Just going through the situation, where you heard that today is your manager’s birthday, from one of your colleague, and thought of arranging the party and scheduled a party today at 6:00 pm. In the party, none of your colleagues was having a camera or good quality phone to capture those moments. But you are the only person having the Android phone to capture the photo and you captured all the photos of those precious moments.

Now, you thought of to share these moments to your colleagues on the next day. But the strange thing has happened, when you connected the memory card of android phone to the system for doing some additional effects of the captured photos, memory card was not recognized by your system and asked to format. Without taking the backup, you formatted the memory card, and all your photos were deleted. This is the worst condition you would have faced, where you would have said to the colleagues, that by tomorrow I can share these photos. Now your worries started and thought of “How to recover lost photos?” Please be calm and relaxed. To recover deleted files on Android phone, Android recovery software plays a very important role, where you can retrieve your lost photos within few minutes and your worries may come to an end. But, do not use your phone until the data is recovered because this may result in permanent data loss due to overwrite process.

Here are the few scenarios where you might face media files loss from Android phone:

  • Human error: Accidentally, you would have deleted important photos or videos while deleting the unwanted files to free the space on your memory card or you would have connected the memory card of your phone to the system and deleted essential file using hard deletion method. Other reason is that you would have clicked accidentally on restore or reset option in the phone where all you photos got deleted.
  • Ejecting the memory card: While transferring photos or other media files to the system, due to system malfunctioning or other reason, you would have ejected the memory card and tried again to connect the memory card to your pc, but found that all your photos were deleted and lost from the memory card.
  • Antivirus Software:  You would have connected your memory card to the system; antivirus software may scan your memory card for virus check before opening your storage device. This may eliminate the virus but sometime may delete essential data in memory card.

In addition to the above factors, there are other critical circumstances where you may have deleted your media files accidentally. So in order to retrieve your favorite media files from Android phone, you would need to have data recovery tool. In such cases, Android Recovery Software can be used to recover these media files, which you can recover within few minutes in safe and healthier condition.


Android phone recovery software retrieves and restores your media files which are accidentally or unintentionally deleted. It has ability to identify and recover all the images, music’s, videos of different file formats and these recovered files can be sorted on the basis of file type, name, and size. It has additional feature where recovered files can be saved in “Save recovery session”, so that you don’t need to rescan the memory card again.

Steps to recover deleted files on Android phone

Step 1: After installing the Android phone recovery software in the system. Please connect your android phone to the system. If your android phone was not recognized by your system, then you can remove the memory card of your android phone. And now you can connect it to the system through card reader.

Step 2:  Launch the Android recovery software and choose the option “Recover Deleted files”.

Step 3: Now select the drive where your memory card or phone is connected. And click on “Next” option for scanning process.

Step 4: Now you can preview you deleted files and can save using save recovery option.


  • Please don’t use you memory card, if it is corrupted.
  • Please take the backup of your memory card of android phone, if you’re connecting to the other storage device.
  • Please check once, before deleting your unwanted files in the android phone and also don’t use shortcut key to delete your files when connected to your PC.