Simple method to recover data from Mac Hard drive

Have you lost your data while repartitioning or partitioning hard drive? Or have you lost your data while formatting Mac Hard drive? Then it might be the worst condition you would have faced. Since you would have kept your business documents, media files, personal valuable information, contacts, etc in the respective volumes and have been accessing them on daily basis. But in one fine day, your volume size of the existed partitioned drive got decreased and thought of increasing the free space, and tried to resize the volume. But your existed partitioned volume got deleted and resulted the data lose. Other reason is that, when you tried to access the partitioned volume. It is inaccessible due to corruption, and also there is no option to take the backup. Finally, thought of formatting the partitioned volume. But after formatting, all your data’s got lost.

Since losing data is like losing all your works, which you would have done for so many days right from the past years, and recovering data is like getting new life for the data that is lost or corrupted. Your worries may be started that “is there any possibility to recover and restore data from hard drive?”  Then doesn’t worry; your data is available, somewhere in the hard drive and needs to be recovered using recovery tool. Please avoid overwriting any data in the lost and deleted volume. Since, this may result in permanent data loss, so please wait until the data is recovered from volume.

In order to recover data from Mac hard drive, Mac hard drive recovery software is used. This tool helps to retrieve and restore the data in safe and healthier condition.

Here are the few conditions where data may be lost or deleted from the Mac hard drive.

  • Human error: While deleting the unwanted file, you would have accidentally deleted the essential file using “shift + command + delete” keys or emptied the Trash folder using “Empty Trash” option and  later realized that your important file is lost, then tried to check  the Time Machine backups to restore the files but failed to get back the files.
  • Volume Header corruption: Since Mac operating system has Disk utility to fix most of the errors. However, if you try to fix a damaged partitioned volume using Disk utility, sometimes you will be getting a message such as Volume header needs to be repaired. Because of volume header corruption, the operating system could not able to recognize the volume. Finally, your partitioned volume may become inaccessible.
  • File system Corruption: Mac Volume files may be corrupted while converting the file system from HFS+ to HFSX; it may result in severe corruption in the volume and may become unreadable.
  • Partitioning the Hard drive: To increase the size of existing partitioned volume. You may re-partition the hard drive. This existing partitioned volume may be lost, resulting in data loss.
  • Formatting the Hard drive:  Since there is no possibility of taking the backup of corrupted volume. Then if you format the corrupted volume, which in turn results the data to be lost. Other reason is that, instead of formatting the actual volume. You may wrongly format the other volume.
  • Power failure:  Due to abrupt shut down, while read or write event takes place in the hard drive, may cause OS malfunction and file system gets corrupted, making partitioned hard drive not accessible.
  • Bad sectors: Bad sectors may be caused due to improper shut down, instant power failure, hard drive scratching, etc. Due to bad sectors, data may be lost partially or completely.

In addition to the above mentioned factors, there are other disastrous circumstances where your data is accidentally deleted, lost and corrupted. To recover the data from these conditions, then you need to have powerful recovery software for retrieving and restoring the data to respective volume. So, Mac Hard drive recovery tool plays an important role for recovering the data.


Mac hard drive recovery tool has powerful advanced algorithm for recovering and restoring the data from missing or deleted volumes. It has ability to identify and retrieve various files types based on unique signatures and these recovered files can be sorted on the basis of name, size, creation date and File type. This Tool also retrieves the data that are emptied in Trash folder. It supports recovery of files from FAT 16, FAT32, HFS+ and HFSX partitioned volumes. It has an option to add or edit new signatures for files which are not listed and also has “Find Tool” option to find files in recovered list. Tool supports Mac OS X 10.x and above versions.

Steps to recover data using Mac hard drive recovery software

Steps are simple and you can get the lost data within few minutes. Since it user friendly and here are the few steps.

Step 1: Please launch the software in the healthy volume. There are three options” Recover photos” “Recover files” and “Recover Volumes/Drives” and select either of the option to recover the data as per your requirement.

Step 2: Now choose the option “Volume Recovery” or “Formatted/Reformatted recovery” in which you would have lost or deleted the data.

Step 3: Now select the volume and click on “Next” button for scanning.

Step 4: Preview the recovered data using file type or data type and save the scanned information using “Save recovery” option.


  • Always take backups of files in external hard drive, so that if there is any loss or corruption you can restore the files using backups.
  • Please do not shut down the system improperly during read or write process in the hard drive.
  • Please check once before formatting your actual volume, so that you will not format the wrong volume.