Kingston pen drive is a storage device. Since it is portable, it can be used to store files and can be transferred to other system easily. However, your data may be lost due to file system corruption, virus attack, and improper removal from the system, etc. To recover the data which is lost or deleted accidentally from the Kingston pen drive is like something need to be achieved.

For recovering the data, we need to have a powerful recovery tool. You may be in a critical condition, where your manager has said to finish the project and need to be submitted by tomorrow. Therefore, you thought of doing the work in home and save your work file in the pen drive. This pen drive was also having some valuable files such as images, videos, photos, business documents, etc. But when you connected the device to the system, here are the issues you may face, like your pen drive didn’t recognize by the system and it is forcibly asking you to Format the drive, your data may be corrupted and may make your pen drive inaccessible. Finally, your worries have started, and you think of “Is there any possibility to recover lost data? So doesn’t worry and be relaxed. To overcome the issue, Kingston Pen drive recovery tool plays an important role to recover your lost data within few minutes.

Here are the few scenarios in which data may lose from Kingston pen drive:

  • Malicious spyware and antivirus program: When you connect the pen drive to system, if you would have scheduled the antivirus program to run the scan automatically, then your antivirus software will scan the external drive. If the antivirus founds the particular file is infected with virus, it eliminates the virus and sometime may delete the file.
  • Formatting external storage drive: If the system is not able to recognize the pen drive when it is connected to your PC and may ask you to forcibly format the pen drive. Then if you format the pen drive all the data’s may be lost.
  • Accidental deletion in Pen Drive: When you try to delete the unwanted files by using hard deletion method, mistakenly you may delete the essential file in the pen drive.
  • Power Surge and shut down failure: If you are transferring pictures from Kingston pen drive to the PC, due to abrupt power failure may cause your data to lose. Other reason is due to the system hangover or wrong behavior while transferring the file you may forcibly shutdown or restart the system. This may cause your data to be lost.

There are other disastrous circumstances, which may cause your pen drive to be corrupted and data may be lost. Hence you need a powerful recovery tool. Kingston pen drive recovery tool is used to recover the files which are lost, corrupted or deleted accidentally.


Kingston pen drive recovery tool is used to recover and restore lost files from Kingston pen drive in safe and healthy manner. It has various scanning option to recover files which are accidentally deleted or lost. This Pen drive recovery tool is used to identify and recover more than 300 file type formats on basis of unique signatures and these recovered files can be sorted on the basis of size, file name, type and creation date. This Kingston pen drive has additional feature where you can store the scanned information using “Save Recovery session” for avoiding re-scanning process. Recovery tool retrieves the data that are accidentally deleted using hard deletion method. Kingston pen drive recovery software also retrieves the file, if the pen drive is formatted.

Steps to recover lost data from Kingston pen drive

Step 1: Launch the software and click on either “Recover files”, or “Recover photos” based on your requirement.

Step 2: Then click on either “Recover Deleted files” or “Recover Lost Files” for recovering your file.

Step 3: New window is opened, showing list of logical drives, now you select the drive in which the pen drive is connected and click on “Next” button.

Step 4: Software starts scanning and you can preview the recovered files using “File type” or “Data type” view. And save the recovered information using “Save Recovery session”

Tips to avoid future loss

  • Please do not disconnect the Kingston pen drive wrongly. Always disconnect the pen drive in safe mode.
  • Please do not shutdown the system abruptly while transferring the file.
  • Please don’t be in a hurry to delete the unwanted file using hard deletion method.
  • Please have USB connected to system, so that instant power failure may be avoided while transferring the file.