NTFS is known as New Technology File system which is quite advanced when compared to FAT File system taking performance & security into consideration. However NTFS partitions get corrupted, lost due to various situations and here are the few situations you may face like “you may have lost your files, when you accidentally format the NTFS partitions”, “you may not able to access the NTFS partition if there is a sudden power failure leading to MBR corruption when the data is in use”.

So you may raise the question asking that how can I recover these lost files? Is there any solution to restore the data to the respective NTFS partition? Then don’t worry. We have the answer for you, our recovery tool helps to recover data from NTFS parttion that are lost due to formatting/reformatting the partitions, accidental deletion, etc. Here are few instances in which you lose the data on NTFS partitions:

  • Malicious Spyware: If your system is affected by virus and your important component of MBR got corrupted which results in NTFS partition becoming inaccessible. Other reason is that if your file is infected with virus, it may cause your file getting severely damaged and getting deleted during anti-virus scanning process.
  • Formatting the Hard drive Partition:  Since you may not able to access the entire hard disk partition due to severe file corruption and also there is no way to take the backup of the files in the drive .Then you may forcibly format the drive, Once you format the drive the data gets lost from NTFS partitions.
  • Accidentally formatting the other NTFS partitioned drive: when you are not able to access one of the NTFS partition due to bad sectors making partition unreadable and would have chosen other NTFS partition for formatting, Thus resulting the data to be lost in the formatted NTFS partition.
  • Partition Table Corruption: This table contains all the information about your NTFS partitions. If the Partition table gets corrupted then your NTFS partitions become unreadable.
  • File system: If you need NTFS partition to be upgraded to the new file system and then you try to format unknowingly by upgrading to other file system, after restoring the backup file from previous  file system, the data gets corrupt and making the data unreadable.
  • Power surge: When you are trying to format or reformat the NTFS partition, due to abrupt power shutdown data may get completely lost.

Don’t worry, in all the scenarios explained above, this recovery software will take care to recover your lost, deleted data from NTFS partition.


NTFS Partition recovery tool recovers the data which are lost, corrupted, accidentally deleted from NTFS partitions. This software helps to rescue and restore the data in the specified location within few minutes. It has various scanning options to retrieve the lost or deleted data from NTFS partitions and this data can be sorted on the basis of name, file type, creation date, and size. Tool has ability to identify and recover the file types having unique signatures using smart scan such has zip archives, documents, emails etc. Also you can add/edit new signatures for files that are lost. NTFS partition recovery software has additional feature where you can save the scanned information using “save recovery session “and you don’t need to rescan the files also you can resume the saving process at any time. NTFS partition recovery software creates the disk image files to recover from bad sectors and later you can retrieve the data from disk image. This Recovery software also supports recovery of SCSI, IDE, SATA hard drives.  NTFS partition Recovery tool rescues the data that are lost from missing NTFS partition. NTFS partition recovery retrieves the data that are corrupted from partition table.

Steps to recover the lost, deleted data from NTFS partitions

You don’t need much knowledge for using this NTFS partition recovery software. It is simple and you can recover the data within few steps, So that your worries will come to an end. Here are the few steps you need to follow to retrieve and restore your data.

Note: Please don’t run the software in the same location where your files got deleted. Else, data gets overwritten, and may even permanently get deleted.

Step 1: Launch the software and click on “Recover partition/Drives “, then select “Partition Recovery”. Shows list of physical drives available.

Step 2: Now Click on “Next” option, list of found drives of previously partition drives and presently available drive are displayed.

Step 3: Now select the previously partitioned drive where you need to recover the files which are lost. And click on “Next” option, Scanning process takes place and once the scanning is finished, then you can preview the recovered data using “File type View”/”Data View” option.

Step 4:  You can save this scanned information using “Save recovery session”.

Precautions to be taken to avoid partition corruption in future

  • Please take regular backups to avoid data loss in future.
  • Please have necessary “UPS” to be connected, for avoiding the sudden power failure.
  • Please use updated antivirus tool to scan the system on regular basis.