20+ Fancy Design Ideas For Black And White Kitchen


If you are into simple neutral designs for a kitchen, you might need to apply one of the black and white kitchen ideas that are given on this page. The kitchen is considered as the busiest room in a house.

Giving a perfect arrangement and comfort to the kitchen would spread a good mood into it. So, designing a kitchen could be a pretty challenging job. If you are a beginner like me, you might need some advice from the experts to get the right design for your kitchen.

20 Recomended Black and White Kitchen Ideas

You can also get some more recommendation about what to do to your kitchen from some trusted references or websites like this. A color combination is one of the crucial things you have to consider for the kitchen.

The color shades of the kitchen could decide the mood of the cooking activity. When I do my kitchen activity, I need to feel the energetic and good mood, so, I will choose my favorite color to be painted in the kitchen.

For example, an orange or yellow color is brightly energetic for the kitchen. Some color shades from the neutral family will give a shooting atmosphere into the kitchen. In this page, we are focusing on black and white kitchen.

Black and white color can be called as a perfect couple to be blended together. It’s the easiest way to choose what’s best for any room. Well, let’s take a look at these fancy black and white kitchen ideas.

Black and White Kitchen Accents Of  Color With Fruits

black and white kitchen curtains

black and white kitchen image: http://casaydiseno.com

There are no patent rules for a perfect color for the kitchen, but you can choose to have one of the most recommended ones. This is one of the fancy concepts for a large kitchen. Check out the mirror right on the kitchen island.

The mirror placement is quite clever. It makes the island looks larger than it actually is. The simple pattern on the floorings is also something you can rely on. This kitchen has an amazing combination of the all-black cabinet and clean white countertop.

The fruits on the counter of the kitchen island have become something that catches everybody’s attention. It is because the fruits are the only element that has a color other than black or white.

Black and White Kitchen Furniture In Stainless Steel

black and white kitchen
black and white kitchen image: http://casaydiseno.com

Combining the black and white furniture with the stainless is another cool way to represent a modern concept. A stainless steel will give its own charm of accent into your kitchen. Sometime, adding a stainless steel element into the kitchen would make it look like the industrial kitchen.

Applying black part would avoid the kitchen for being too industrial. Using the stainless as a little accent in a black and white kitchen design would create an elegant atmosphere in the kitchen.

As you can see in the picture, the stainless accents are not only provided by the shading, it’s also provided by the kitchen utensils which are mostly made of shiny stainless steel.

Variant With Black Countertops

black and white kitchen ideas
black and white kitchen image: http://casaydiseno.com

As I said before, black and white is the perfect couple in almost any room, including kitchen. When it comes to combining this couple, it doesn’t matter which one’s gonna dominated the room. The combination will always be cool.

Adding some decorative elements into the kitchen is not a must. There’s nothing wrong with it. Even, the kitchen will be looking more attractive. Take a look at this large black and white kitchen concept.

It doesn’t look large only because of its size, it’s because the color that it has. The white domination gets accentuated by black color. the amount of the black color doesn’t feel too much, it’s just perfect.

Furniture combined in both colors

black and white kitchen decor

The dashboards of wall panels can be a great concept for your kitchen. You can’t find the cabinets in this kitchen. The cabinets are unseen, but it can actually be open to store the kitchen utensils.

The wall panel has three ovens in the middle which create such amazing point of attraction. The curvy design of the island match with the curvy wall panels as the background.

Black And White Kitchens: A Timeless Trend That Serves Every Style

black and white kitchen cabinets
black and white kitchen image: www.decorpad.com

Black and white color are considered as two most used basic colors. Combining both of them would give you a basic combination. But, it doesn’t mean that basic combination can’t be attractive.

Basic colors can develop kitchen interiors to be both dramatic and splendid. This traditional and classic choice of colors would never be outdated. That’s why it’s ideal for any style room.

Black and white kitchens for monochrome fans

black and white kitchen accessories

If you are a fan of monochrome elements, you might need to have this black and white kitchen idea. The checkered backsplash looks great in this small kitchen. The classic white kitchen cabinet is set right beside the black array cooker.

This kitchen is in traditional style, that’s why the black and white combination looks really classy.

black and white kitchen wallpaper
black and white kitchen image: www.idealhome.co.uk

Besides the kitchen, a spot for dinner is also crucial. You need to set the right mood for diner. Take a look at this sophisticated arrangement of a dinner table. The thin and black table and chairs look perfectly blend.

The chic lighting fixture looks ready to catch everybody’s attention. Setting the two windows as the background provide a perfect lighting during the day. As you can see in the picture, the only black element is the dinner table and chairs which makes it be the focal point.

black and white kitchen floor
black and white kitchen image: www.idealhome.co.uk

If you feel bored with your current kitchen design, consider remodeling your kitchen. You can apply this fresh and minimalist black and white kitchen design. It’s definitely far from boring.

If you are a cat person, I’m pretty sure you love this black and white kitchen design. Under the island, there’s a picture of can silhouette attached. It’s a simple trick to get the kitchen more attractive and once again, far from boring.

black and white kitchen rug
black and white kitchen image: www.idealhome.co.uk

Another simple option backsplash design is this Geometric arrangement. You can get this geometric looks of your backsplash by arranging the black and white ceramic tiles according to its geometric path you design.

Once again, it’s dominated by white color. Dark colors are suitable for accents, so the zig-zag patterns need to be in black color to get emphasized. You can attach little additional geometric shelves.

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Black And White Backsplash

Black And White Backsplash
Black And White Backsplash by pinterest

The domination of black color for a kitchen is not recommended by many home designers. They said it because the kitchen will be dark and gloomy with too much black color. Well, it’s not for this one.


The backsplash plays an important role to set the atmosphere in this kitchen. With that powerful pattern design, it shines the room brighter. Even, it’s supported by the natural lighting from the outside during the day.

black and white kitchen table

This ultra-modern design of this kitchen looks like a line drawing. Big thank the light and space in this kitchen, because it makes this modern graphics kitchen to be extremely contemporary.

Some people might feel that a black and white kitchen is uninteresting. You can be creative by adding one color to accentuate the boredom. As you can see, this kitchen’s got dashes of zingy orange and blue ceiling to maintain a happy mood.

black and white kitchen backsplash ideas
black and white kitchen image: www.idealhome.co.uk

This monochrome kitchen looks really inviting, thanks to the curved chairs and semi-circle worktop. It gives the entire look, its softness. When you are inside a modern-day kitchen, you need to feel cool, right?

If you want to pick a black and white color as the basic color combination, you can easily add some shades without even worried being unmatched. Black and white color can go with almost every color to accentuate.

Check out the island, there’s no lighting fixture above it. You might need to provide the light fixture such as a pair of chandeliers. It’s gonna be an unexpected twist. A recessed illumination is sometimes disturbing to the eye.

Black and White Kitchen Design

black and white kitchen towels

An element of wood inside a kitchen is not something new, some home designers recommended it.

The woods which are used in this black and white kitchen design is called natural walnut wood. This shiny kitchen gets a little bit shinier because of the light brown color from the walnut wood.

Well, it’s not actually a black and white kitchen as a whole. It’s just a modern kitchen design without a theme of color combination. As you can see, the lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling.

Black and White Kitchen Ideas

black and white kitchens with a splash of colour
black and white kitchen image: www.idealhome.co.uk

Check out this Corian island which is flawless for your large kitchen. The island looks like it’s ready to be used as cantilevered morning meal bar. The shape of the kitchen island is so unique. It’s something you’re not gonna find anywhere but here.

You can apply this black and white kitchen design for the best contemporary looking of a kitchen. This kitchen island should be in your house which is designed in modern style.

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White and Black Kitchen Ideas

black and white kitchen backsplash
black and white kitchen image: www.idealhome.co.uk

The monochrome scheme for a kitchen is still an idea you can count on. Some sleek black and white furniture would support the natural structures of the kitchen. This black and white kitchen idea doesn’t have a kitchen cabinet.

Instead, there are tall open shelves to be used to show off your utensils. This kind of concept is designed for a small and minimalist kitchen, open shelves would get the kitchen looks spacious and larger. That looks would give comfort to its users.

Black And White Kitchen With Dark Cabinetry

black and white kitchen decorating ideas

Some monochrome kitchens are dominated by black colors and most monochrome kitchens are dominated by white colors. Choosing one color to dominate the space might be pretty challenging, you may need to consider the size and the style you have inside the kitchen.

Well, you can also do a balanced combination. I mean, the amount of both colors can be the same. So, there’s no dominating color, both of them get the same amount of portion painted in the kitchen.

Black-and-White Kitchen with Patterns

black and white kitchens pictures

A vintage looking kitchen can be reached with a wooden table used as a kitchen island. The white shade of this kitchen expresses a classic feel into the room. What really catches one’s attention is the checkered floorings.

Pros :
 The calming shades of white.
 The black countertop is flawlessly accentuating.

Con :
 The checkered floorings don’t belong in the kitchen.

Black and White Kitchen Cabinets

black n white kitchen

This one shows a black and white kitchen with the whole cabinet painted in black. I guess this kitchen design should be applied in a large kitchen. If you have the cabinet in all black for your smaller kitchen, it won’t feel comfortable for the cook.

The wood-colored floor is there to make a statement in balancing the black and white color.

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Black and White Traditional Kitchen Designs

black and white traditional kitchen designs

Going traditional with your kitchen can offer a soothing experience of the cooking activity. This one is one of the tricks you can have if you want to get the cabinet painted in black inside a small kitchen.

Pro :
 The upper and lower cabinet has different colors.

Con :
 The checkered floorings is yet still disturbing for some people.

Black and White Contemporary Kitchen

black and white kitchen canisters
black and white kitchen image: houzz.com

As I said before, the black and white color will look perfect in any style of room including contemporary or modern. Checkout this clean, elegant modern kitchen. The white kitchen counter and drawers offer a perfect background for the black kitchen island.

The small and wide windows in front of the counter offer some great views of the outside and the natural light that goes inside.

Pro :
 Traditional style with black and white color will never be outdated.

Con :
 There are only some tiny lamps on the ceiling which might be not enough during the night.

Black White Kitchen

Black White Kitchen
Black White Kitchen by pinterest

This sleek and modern kitchen can be a great option for your apartment. If you live in a large apartment, a large design of kitchen should be applied. This one is not filled with black and white only. The dominating color is grey.

Grey is the blended version of black and white. So, having it as the basic color to accommodate black and white is the right thing to do.

Conclusion :

There are many ideas of black and white kitchen you can explore above and all of those fancy ideas would definitely bring your kitchen to the whole new level. You need to choose the design that deserves your kitchen space.

Some of those ideas are perfect for certain style and size which is something you should consider. Anyhow, you need to consult your design ideas or plans with the experts before you decide which black and white kitchen idea you want to have in your house.


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