17 Ideas Tiny House Kitchen And Small Kitchen Designs Of Inspirations


Having a small kitchen space? Well, don’t worry! This article will help you to create a stunning tiny house kitchen. Because we know that designing a kitchen may be a challenging process if you only have 30 m2 house in 60 m2 land. You may think that it is too petite to make perfection in every corner, isn’t it?

But, do not give up too quickly, for it is not impossible to make your tiny house kitchen more charming and outstanding, as long as you know the tricks. Because, just like time, size is relative.

Eliminate the unimportant stuff, maximize the function. Those are the key to make your tiny house kitchen look fascinating. So, are you ready to perform the DIY tricks on your tiny house kitchen? See how some persons decorate their own micro kitchen and dazzle it into a big, exclusive, and functional kitchen that can feed them with happiness and good food:

17 stunning tiny house kitchen

1. White and Airy by Kiera Kushlan

tiny kitchen design
tiny kitchen design by https://imagesvc.timeincapp.com/

The dark color is marvelous and bold at the same time, but it can not be applied to tiny house kitchen unless you want your kitchen to be more narrow. It is the reason why Kiera Kushlan decorated a-60 squares kitchen with bright white as a color majority and put the sink near the windows to create an airy atmosphere.

The existence of flower in a pot is to make the ambiance more sympathetic and friendly. Also, Kushlan stuck the cabinet to the ceiling to optimize the use of the tiny house kitchen, and use wooden-floor to make it look warmer.

Pro :
Less stuff and furniture, this tiny house kitchen suits for you who live the life with minimalism concept. 

Con :
With white color covers the wall and furniture you have to be careful enough not to stain it.

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2. Miller’s Long Corner

tiny house kitchen
tiny house kitchen by tinyhousetalk.com

Some people never think to use this space as a kitchen. Otherwise, Macy Miller decided to make it her tiny house kitchen near sliding 8-bar windows.

As Kushlan’s tiny house kitchen design, white color is dominant in Miller’s, to give a wide impression for the kitchen built in gooseneck trailer. Yes, you may not believe it but Miller’s house is made from a gooseneck trailer and there is no space left for making a large bedroom nor kitchen.

Pro :
It did not cost too much, and you can maximize the space by doing this idea.

Con :
You cannot add spaces there.

3. Kitchen on The Wheels

tiny kitchen
tiny kitchen tinyhousetalk.com

Imagine you live in a van for your entire life, it must be boring, isn’t it? But until you see Alex, Anjali, and Anya’s van house, you will see that this mortgage-free van is a warm place for living. And the tiny house kitchen? It is a micro-kitchen, but large in function.

The couple with one dog know how to make use of tiny space. With materials made from woods, the house looks so exclusive that you wouldn’t realize that it was a van! Furthermore, their tiny house kitchen may be smaller than your bathroom, but they put big windows on it to make the kitchen looks spacious.

Pros :
1. The micro kitchen is a good idea so that you can put all the equipment and cooking spices there.
2. The use of woods material gives the impression that the tiny house kitchen looks bigger than it is.

Con :
Floating shelves concept won’t suit the person who is not tall enough.

4. At Chef’s Micro Kitchen

micro kitchen
micro kitchen https://assets.bonappetit.com

A chef will always be a chef, no matter where they are. In his house, Shaun Brian does not want to take a rest from his job as a professional chef. That drives Brian to build his five-star tiny house kitchen, with bright white color on the wall and mahogany shelves to give a warm accent.

With the good arrangement, Brian can put a big refrigerator in his tiny house kitchen and the oven under the sink. Eating table is located in front of the tiny house kitchen, not too big, not too much accent on it. It makes his house looks so tranquil that you want to stay there forever.

Pro :
The tiny house kitchen looks so wide just like a bar in five-star hotels. Hence, thanks to the high ceiling that Brian has designed for his house around 7 months.

Con :
The microwave is located under the sink. Less than 10 cms from the sink, so you must be careful enough not to spoil water into the oven.

5. No Corner, No Border

small kitchen designs
small kitchen designs http://www.decoradvisor.net

How to make a room bigger? Give it no corner. Just like Jessica Helgerson’s kitchen in her minimalist-rustic house. Instead of utilize the tiny corner left in her house as kitchen, she made it on the horizontal side.

The diagonal style of ceilings both in left and right side give wider accent into the kitchen. The refrigerator is in the same line with the kitchen table, maximize the use of this tiny kitchen.

Pro :
The placement of this tiny house kitchen is so right and smart.

Con :
This tiny house kitchen looks too boring.

6. I Can Sense The Food Scent While Sleeping

very small kitchen
very small kitchen http://www.countryliving.com

Matt Capella, an interior designer, realizes that he only has limited space in this 250-square foot mobile to be transformed into a gorgeous home-sweet-home. So that, he makes use of all the space available as much as possible, including the tiny house kitchen.

The kitchen is located in the back corner of the house, under the bedroom. Since the space left for the kitchen is very small, Matt used the kitchen table only to put stove and sinks. Meanwhile, space underneath is used for ovens and dishwashers.

Pros :
1. With a light box that emits bright white light, this kitchen looks wider than it should be.
2. The deep gray color to make a minimalist theme in this tiny house kitchen.

Con :
Cooking food with a strong smell is not recommended, unless you want your bed to be smell like onion.

7. Green, Green Grass of Kitchen

tiny kitchen
tiny kitchen https://theskunkpot.com/

What a rejuvenating view! Instead of being trapped in a tiny house kitchen, you will feel like you are inside a beautiful forest. Such a wonderful environment to cook in!

Pro :
This tiny house kitchen is a good example of rustic design. You may thank the ceramics wall, woody textures in the ceilings as well as windows frames, along with the flowers pots for make it happens.

Con :
Too many flower pots is sort of “between the devil and the deep-sea” situation.

8. Chic and Cozy Corner

tiny kitchen design
tiny kitchen design https://www.100daysofrealfood.com

If you are very busy and don’t have much time to spend on cooking, this chic and fresh kitchen is just perfect for you. No need too much cooking equipment, food, and spices to put on.


Pros :
1. This tiny house kitchen looks sweet and mild.
2. The floating shelves are minimalist, suitable for urban people

Con :
This tiny house kitchen does look agreeable. But it is just agreeable, not wonderful enough to make you not bored by spending most of your time there.

9. Bring Fall Season to The Kitchen

tiny house
tiny house http://sacredhabitats.com/

How pleasant is this kitchen! This tiny house kitchen is a proof that rustic and modern nuances can be combined to be a very comfortable place, making you feel like spending time in a warm cafe of the fall.

Pros :
1. The hanging lamp with bright yellow light can enlarge this tiny house kitchen.
2. Wood accents on the floor and the wall perfectly combined with cream-colored paint to make a very well-lighted place.
3. The stairs bring to the mezzanine room make this tiny house kitchen look spacious.

Con :
With a compact design like this, it is not recommended for you to put a lot of stuff in there! Instead of looking broad, the kitchen will look narrower.

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10. Little Kitchen on The Prairie

little kitchen
little kitchen http://nandtec.com

Do you remember the TV Series Little House on The Prairie? This tiny house kitchen will recall you on that movie. This style are best-suited for you who loves a very delightful and feminine design of the old American-European style.

Pros :
1. The customized-multifunctional folding cabinets on the wall can be used to keep many things, from food, eating utensils, to cooking equipment.
2. It is so simple that you just need petite space to make this tiny house kitchen.
3. The teapot and rattan chairs, as well as the flowers in the pot, will make you feel the experience of drinking the afternoon tea in the garden.

Con :
You have to understand that making the customized-multifunctional folding cabinet cost too high. So, if you intend to have this gorgeous and simple tiny house kitchen, you must spend a lot of money. Well, you get what you pay.

11. A Medieval Village Kitchen

tiny home kitchen
tiny home kitchen https://www.appliancesconnection.com

This tiny house kitchen is a perfect example of the medieval rural-style kitchens. The medieval kitchen was not too large and not filled with too much equipment.

Pro :
With the medieval style, this tiny house kitchen shows an intimate impression and can deliver a good mood while cooking.

Con :
The refrigerator with silver color does not suit the medieval style. In fact, it is more suitable to use a refrigerator of plastic material in white color.

12. Corner of Exotism

tiny home kitchen design
tiny home kitchen design https://insteading-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/

This kitchen is an ideal example of the exotic style. The wooden accent is so exotic: it gives us an impression of being in a Latin American tiny house kitchen.

Pro :
Starting from the LED decorative lights, curtains in floral motive, to wooden accents and floating-shelves, everything in this kitchen is very solid and strengthen the impression of exotism!

Con :
The ethnic style is warm, but it does not make the kitchen look more spacious. In fact, the kitchen looks smaller in this style.

13. What a Bright Tiny Little Kitchen!

tiny kitchen
tiny house kitchen ideas by https://i.pinimg.com/

This kitchen is actually petite, even too petite to be a room. But the kitchen seems so airy due to the white color on it.

Pros :
1. The usage of white color makes the kitchen more minimalist yet spacious.
2. This tiny house kitchen style will obviously improve your mood and make your home more lavish.

Con :
The position of floating shelves in this tiny house kitchen is too high above the cabinets, therefore for short people, it will be difficult to take the eating utensils or cooking equipment. And that is such a problem.

14. Talking While Cooking

tiny little kitchen
tiny little kitchen http://hgtvhome.sndimg.com/

If cooking alone feels so boring, then let anybody accompany you in the kitchen. It seems that tiny house kitchen won’t accommodate that activity, except this one, since it has a bar table and a pair of chic chairs.

Pros :
1. The design is so modern and suits for the urban house.
2. Thanks to the bar table, you can do other activities besides cooking such as doing some works in a notebook, talking with friends, watching videos, etc.

Con :
You must be careful to cook in this tiny house kitchen, moreover if you cook a big meal or difficult menus.

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15. A Small Kitchen Closet

micro kitchen design
micro kitchen design https://i.pinimg.com/

Supposing that there is no room remains indeed in your house, then, try this way! You don’t even need a single room to make a tiny house kitchen because this kitchen is made from a closet!

Pro :
When you extremely want an amiable tiny house kitchen but your house is so tiny, this is a brilliant solution! It is small in size, but grand in function as everything is provided in this kitchen from the sink into coffee-machine!

Con :
It is obvious that this custom tiny house kitchen is high in cost! Furthermore, the cost is highest than a cost to build a single room as well. But if you do not mind to pay more, then it won’t be a substantial problem.

16. Cooking Inside Your Room

tiny kitchen ideas
tiny kitchen ideas tinyhousetalk.com

This tiny house kitchen installation is applicable if you want to make a kitchen inside your room. You can build it beside the closets and put the custom cabinets above

Pro :
The concept is so modern that fits your modern lifestyle. If you want to cook something slight such as pancake or crepes, you only need a micro, tiny house kitchen like this.

Con :
This tiny house kitchen is not recommended if you get used to cooking heavy meals, considering that it can bring mess to the wall and table covered with white colors painting.

17. A Space for a Simple Person

small kitchen plans
small kitchen design ideas by https://atmedia.imgix.net/

If you love to cook in a very simple space, with a minimalist concept and less stuff, this will be a suitable tiny house kitchen for you. With geometric design, this kitchen brings an urban spirit for young, busy people

Pros :
1. The minimalist life-concept, whose followed by most of the millennial people nowadays, can be seen from this tiny house kitchen.
2. Less unimportant equipment, with simple geometric patterns, you can feel the simplicity in every corner.

Con :
For some people who love to spend time in the kitchen, this kitchen is so boring and you can’t cook more than one dish at the same time since there is no space left for another electric stove.

So, it is not a big problem if you only have a tiny house kitchen. As your idea is as big as this world, then your kitchen will be a good heart for your home. Always cook with much love!



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