15 Chic Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas


Kitchen island lighting ideas – Adding a kitchen island in your kitchen is such a wonderful idea. Its versatility helps you do various kinds of chores easily such as cutting the vegetables, preparing the meals, or even enjoying the meals right away. Since it’s one of the busiest spots in your kitchen, proper lighting is really necessary. Read on to find kitchen island lighting ideas for your kitchen.

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

1. Black Matte Pendant Lights

kitchen island lighting
kitchen island lighting : http://www.jeffreypeak.com/

Kitchen island is usually used as the complement of the countertop. But now, various kinds of kitchen islands are available to meet every homeowner needs. Just like this one. This kitchen island has turned into a dining table with an extra sink.

Since this is the place where your beloved family gathers to have dinner, you need to hang some lights over it. To create a romantic ambience, you can use dim light that focuses on the kitchen island only. And these three black matte pendant lights can provide the dim light that you are looking for.

Pros :
 The black matte pendant lights add the touch of romantic to your kitchen.

Cons :
 Dim light is not good for your eyes.

2. Dazzling in a Transparent Box

kitchen island lighting ideas
kitchen island lighting ideas : http://illinoisdouble.com/

Add a rustic look to your kitchen by hanging this transparent box over the kitchen island. It will be a top-notch DIY project for you since it willnot burn a hole in your pocket, but the result is surprisingly beautiful.

The four fluorescent lamps inside the box can produce dim light that shines throughout the kitchen. In addition to the calm lighting, the frame of the box suits the top of the kitchen island very well, adding elegance to the kitchen.

Pros :
 It is cheaper because you can make it by yourself using some used wooden dowels or some other pieces of woods.
 It can accentuate the look of the kitchen.

Cons :
 The dim light is not good for eyes.

3. Steampunk Kitchen Island Lighting

Steampunk Kitchen Island Lighting
Steampunk Kitchen Island Lighting : https://amazon.com/

If you are looking for steampunk kitchen island lighting ideas, this one can be your great bet. This light is hung using some ropes, providing a classic touch to the kitchen. It also complements the rustic furniture that has been arranged neatly in it.

The fluorescent lights are shining dimly, creating golden orange lighting reflected by the top of kitchen sink. Besides, the huge bulbs with dim golden lights embody the style of steampunk house very well. By installing this lighting, you will be able to make your guests gobsmacked.

Pros :
 It is quite affordable since you can make it by yourself.
 It can accentuate your steampunk kitchen.

Cons :
 The hanging lamp is fragile. It can fall down if not hung properly.

4. Crystal Clear Kitchen Island Lighting

Crystal Clear Kitchen Island Lighting
Crystal Clear Kitchen Island Lighting : http://slmdesigninteriors.com/

Installing lighting in your kitchen is not only about getting sufficient light when you are working with the food preparation or having dinner, but also about improving the appearance of the kitchen. Therefore, you need to pick lighting fixtures that do not only provide sufficient light when you are slaving over a hot stove, but also the ones with exquisite design.

The pendant lights hung over the kitchen island can improve the look of the kitchen as well as providing the sufficient lighting that you need. Thanks to the unique glass bottles that you can get from a flea market or even a supermarket. The clear glass will highlight the luminescent lamps in the glass, creating a peaceful ambience.

Pros :
 The clear glass will enhance the light instead of cover it.

Cons :
 The unique glass bottles might cost an arm and a leg.

5. Quantum Pendant Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Quantum Pendant Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas
Quantum Pendant Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas : https://ideastand.com/

If you are a science geek, you are going to love these kitchen island lighting ideas – pendant lights that look like quantum. To suit the French countryside kitchen style which tends to look rustic, the pendant quantum lights apply copper finish.

Well, the main character of this kitchen lighting idea is not the lampshades, but the crystal lamps. The clear whitish light produced by the lamps can provide adequate lighting to the kitchen. Besides, the glamorous design adds the touch of luxury to this unsophisticated kitchen.

Pros :
 The pendant quantum lights accentuate the kitchen’s style.

Cons :
 Making the lampshades by yourself entails arduous work.

6. Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting
Recessed Lighting : http://www.dauntlessdesigns.com/

For a modern house, simpler lights will be more suitable since a modern house tends to avoid using sophisticated adornments such as chandeliers. Therefore, recessed lighting is your best bet for your modern kitchen island lighting ideas.

The use of recessed lighting is functional rather than aesthetic. By installing recessed lights to the entire kitchen, you will be able to provide sufficient lighting to not only the kitchen island, but also the countertop.

Pros :
 You will get sufficient light throughout the kitchen.
 Recessed lights consume less energy so that you will be able to cut down on your electricity bill.

Cons :
 A kitchen island is usually the focal point of a kitchen. However, since there is no sophisticated light hung over it, it will become less noticeable.

7. Luxurious Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Luxurious Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas
Luxurious Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas : http://luxurydreamhome.net/

Dark brown and black matte worktops are such a great combination to create a luxurious kitchen. But the glamorous touch is still incomplete without lush lights that illuminate the kitchen island.

Pendant lighting is very versatile and suits any kitchen styles. No wonder it is usually used in any kitchen island lighting ideas. Just like these three pendant lights. They look lavish with their lampshades that look like quail eggs. They are unique yet beautiful. And the most wonderful thing is they provide exquisite light to your kitchen island.

Pros :
 The lampshade will add the touch of luxury to your kitchen.

Cons :
 The lamps can be pricey.

8. Black Glass Bottle Pendant Lights

Black Glass Bottle Pendant Lights
Black Glass Bottle Pendant Lights :  http://elghorba.org/

A simple kitchen needs simple lighting. Being simple doesn’t mean that it is less attractive, does it? If you are looking for something simple yet chic, these black glass bottle pendant lights can be functional adornments for your kitchen.

The idea of the lighting is using various shapes of black glass bottles so that the lights will not look monotonous. Hanging them in different heights can add subtle nuances to the kitchen. And when the fluorescent lamps in the black glass bottles are turned on, the pendant lights will look like black floating bubbles which look so elegant.

Pros :
 The kitchen will look simple yet chic with these black glass bottles.


Cons :
 It can’t provide sufficient lighting that helps you prepare the meals on the kitchen island. Therefore, some recessed lights are needed.

9. Romantic Kitchen Island Lighting

Romantic Kitchen Island Lighting
Romantic Kitchen Island  : https://i.ytimg.com/

Having a romantic spot in your house can be a great idea. You don’t need to splurge on a lavish dinner in a lush restaurant just because you want to get the romantic ambience. Now, roll up your sleeves and turn your kitchen into a romantic place to dine with kitchen island lighting ideas.

This kitchen uses white and beige hues to create a romantic look. And the lights covered with unique lampshades are really icing on the cake. When the lights are turned on, they will produce dim light looking like the one produced by candles.

Pros :
 You can bring a romantic dinner in your home. No more splurging in a fancy restaurant.

Cons :
 The dim light is not good for eyes.

10. Japanese Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Japanese Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas
Japanese Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas : http://turnofffox.com

This kitchen island is big enough to do various kinds of activities such as preparing the meals, doing the dishes, or even enjoying the meals. Some parts of the black worktop are covered with wood just like what you usually find in a sushi restaurant.

To add the Japanese nuance, white orchids are added as the beautiful accessories. And another indispensable thing is the kitchen lighting ideas.

This kitchen uses rectangular white lampshades that are usually used in Japanese style houses. Hung over the kitchen island, the lamps help you iluminate the dining area with sufficient with sufficient lighting which is not too dazzling, but not too dim.

Pros :
 Now you can invite your friends and colleagues to come over for dinner because you have your own Japanese restaurant in your kitchen.

Cons :
 You will need to add some more lamps because the lampshades only focus on the kitchen island rather than the entire kitchen.

11. Floating Golden Bubble Pendant Lighting Ideas

Floating Golden Bubble Pendant Lighting Ideas
Floating Golden Bubble Pendant Lighting Ideas : http://athomealterations.com/

Have you ever imagined enjoying your meal while looking at the spectacular city landscape? It is amazing, isn’t it? Since this kitchen has already had a very spectacular natural adornment, the kitchen island lighting ideas must not overwhelm the entire kitchen. Just keep them simple yet fabulous.

These small rounded glasses are pretty simple because there is no distinctive pattern on them, yet they still look chic. The glass balls refract the fluorescent lights shining inside the balls and produce golden lights. Hanging them in different heights makes them look like floating golden bubbles. And they are so pretty without overwhelming the kitchen.

Pros :
 The kitchen island lighting complements the view very well without overwhelming the kitchen.

Cons :
 The glass balls might be pricey.

12. Disco Ball Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Disco Ball Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas
Disco Ball Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas : http://thepoetryloft.net/

Add the touch of elegance to your kitchen by installing these disco ball-like pendant lights. Unlike the ubiquitous disco ball that you usually find in a night club, these pendants scatter the lights produced by the lamps installed in the balls, creating exquisite patterns on the ceiling and the top of the kitchen island.

Pros :
 The lampshades create exquisite patterns on the white ceiling, making your kitchen look amazing.

Cons :
 These beautiful lampshades can burn a hole in your pocket.

13. Natural Lighting for Kitchen Island

Natural Lighting for Kitchen Island
Natural Lighting for Kitchen Island : http://athomealterations.com/

Instead of using a lot of artificial lights that can end up in higher electricity bill, you can always harness the power of natural lighting.

By allowing natural lighting to illuminate the entire kitchen including the kitchen island, you will make the kitchen look more spacious, clean, and airy. With sufficient lighting in your kitchen, slaving over a hot stove will be much more exciting.

Pros :
 Allowing natural lighting to illuminate your kitchen island will help you cut down on the electricity bill.
 The natural lighting will make the kitchen look airier and more spacious.
 The windows in the roof do not only provide natural lighting, but also spectacular view that shows stars in the sky.

Cons :
 Sufficient natural lighting without sufficient artificial one can create dim light that is not really good for eyes.

14.Flying Firefly over The Kitchen Island

Flying Firefly over The Kitchen Island
Flying Firefly over The Kitchen Island : https://i.pinimg.com/

This modern kitchen is stylish enough with the monochromatic colors and edgy furniture. The hidden lights around the backsplash have already provided lighting throughout the kitchen. But, if you let the kitchen island be that way – without any adornments – it will look dull.

Since there is plenty of lighting, you do not need to install lamps that provide glaring light. Some small lamps hanging over the kitchen island will be more than enough. These small rounded lamps give whitish clear light that looks like a number of flying fireflies. They look beautiful in simplicity.

Pros :
 The lighting adds a subtle nuance to the kitchen island.

Cons :
 The lamps and the holders could be exorbitant.
 Installing more lamps over the kitchen island in this kitchen solely acts as adornment. It is not really necessary. In fact, it wastes energy and increases your electricity bill.

15. DIY Jar Pendant Lights

DIY Jar Pendant Lights
DIY Jar Pendant Lights : http://kutskokitchen.com/

It is always great to do a DIY project because you can decide what you want and do. If you cannot find any kitchen island lighting ideas that suit your need very well, you can always do DIY.

These lights look great with the rustic kitchen island. Besides, they can be less expensive than other pendant lights because you make them by yourself. What you have to do is finding some either new or used jars for the lampshades. Then, put a fluorescent lamp in each jar and connect them with the electricity.

Pros :
 These kitchen island lighting ideas are less expensive.
 They enhance the rustic look of the kitchen island.

Cons :
 If you are not good at DIY, this project will be arduous and time consuming.

Conclusion :

Installing beautiful lights for your kitchen island lighting ideas can make you feel all worked up. Before choosing one – or maybe two – of the ideas, you need to know what you really want. If your kitchen has had sufficient lighting already, adding a few lamps with beautiful lampshades will be your safe bet.


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