10 Most Popular Kitchen Design Ideas for 2019


Are you ready to hit refresh on your kitchen? This year has seen some hot kitchen trends that will still look great for many years to come. Before you rip out your cabinets in frustration, check out the top kitchen design ideas of 2019, and make a plan to design your kitchen from start to finish


This year’s kitchens are all about sleek, modern designs, clean lines, and using your space wisely. Even in a smaller kitchen, you can try out one or all of these hot design ideas for yourself. 


1. Hidden Cabinet Space

Wishing you had more space? Using concealed cabinets to create hidden storage spaces can make your kitchen feel a little more calm and serene. 


2. Matte Black Cabinets

For an edgy, modern aesthetic, matte black cabinets make a bold statement. Pair them with shiny black appliances, backsplash tile, and light fixtures to make them look really pop. 


3. Pewter and Gunmetal

Ready to replace your old kitchen faucet? One of our favorite designs of 2019 is a pewter or gunmetal fixture, instead of classic chrome or white. 


4. Concealed Hood Vents

The hood over your oven is probably not one of your favorite kitchen fixtures. But this trend might change your mind! Savvy designers in 2019 are using sleek hoods that blend into the surrounding cabinets, making your design seamless and necessary fixture more understated. 




5. Open Shelving

Many are opting for open shelves in lieu of classic cabinets or choosing a combination of the two as they design their kitchens this year. Open shelving allows you to show off your favorite dishes, spices, or drinks, making the contents of your kitchen part of your decor. 


6. Wood and White

For a look that’s both minimal and cozy, try pairing natural wood cabinet doors with white painted cabinets. It will make your kitchen look like it jumped off an influencer’s mood board. 


7. Add More Color

Though black and white remain popular colors for kitchen designs, this year bold pops of color are very in. Try adding bright upholstery to your kitchen stools, or pick out some light and bright new curtains. The hottest kitchen design ideas of 2019 incorporate refreshing splashes of brilliant color. 


8. Industrial Countertops

Marble countertops still reign supreme, but this year industrial countertops have edged their way into the spotlight. Concrete countertops look surprisingly stunning in a modern home, plus they make clean up a total breeze. 


9. Mixing Up Textures

This year, monochrome kitchens in black, white, or gray take on a new dimension thanks to eagle-eyed designers who incorporate a variety of textures. Rough, smooth, shiny, soft, and hard surfaces in one color look elegant and modern without being stuffy. 


10. Handmade Tile

Artisan goods continue to be hot this year, and handmade tiles are especially coveted in 2019. Look for tiles with subtle differences and even imperfections. Crafty kitchens look very cool and will feel cozy for many years to come.


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